Wednesday, June 5, 2013


At 5:30 am I woke wide awake for some reason and then never could go completely back to sleep. I just felt like I had slept enough,granted I did go to bed an hour early last night.
After getting g-son to school and the chores done I was debating on where I should walk as the dark clouds seemed to be getting thicker by the minute. I decided to get the small refrigerator downstairs started defrosting before I walked. When I started outside the sun was starting to come out so I headed own to the lower pasture with camera in hand. I haven't been down here in about a week so there were new things to photograph like this Tulip Poplar tree blossom that had fallen.Another one of those wondrous creations !
The cattle were seeking shade under the the trees on the creek bank. The new calf is just one of the herd now.
Back up to the house I noticed the Stella Dora lillies are starting to bloom.
And if my Kousa Dogwood has as many berries as it has blossoms the birds will be happy.
I spent the morning baking cakes, 12 caramel, 4 chocolate, 2 pound and 2 wine cakes before I took a lunch break. The phone was ringing regularly with cake orders so that is a good sign for business.
I did daily housecleaning this afternoon before picking up g-son. I had taken an order for a couple 7-up pound cakes and needed lemon flavoring so g-son and I stopped by Dollar General on the way home. Of course that stop cost me an extra $6 bucks!! But he had something new to play with for the afternoon.
Dad picked him up early to get ready for church.  I went to work in my office on paperwork both weekly and monthly. May 2013 is in the history books now and it was a pretty good month business wise.
As I finished the paperwork and went outside to do the chores the air was almost smuthering it was so humid.
Hurricane season started last Saturday and right on cue we have our first named storm and she is going to bring us quite a bit of rain.
Meet Andrea the first of 2013 !!
Here is her projected path.

And the rain totals from this storm coupled with a cold front that is moving across the country are pretty impressive.
As darkness fell the rains started to fall. Thunder and lightening was flashing in the distance but thankfully it never got close to us.  One strike did make me scream when I went out to shut up my chickens but that was the closest one we had.
I baked the two 7-up pound cakes tonight while I iced caramel and chocolate cakes. With the orders I have for tomorrow I should have a good Thursday for a change.
It is 10:30 and I am closing and headed to bed to rest my aching back.
Grateful to God for the blessings He sent my way today and for sparing us the storms this evening.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hope you don't get too much of this bad weather --plus remnants of the storm. We got ALOT of rain about noon today--and it rained a long time. But--we got nothing severe like some other areas south of Knoxville got....

Besides shopping today, it was an inside day for us... I did get alot of work done inside --which is nice on rainy days..

Stay SAFE.

linda m said...

We have had rain on and of for the last couple of days here in S.E. WI but nothing severe. Happy you got spared the bad storms and happy you are getting lots of orders. Blessings