Wednesday, June 26, 2013


G-son got here a little late this morning as mom got up late. Hubbie is off another day from work so he fixed breakfast for he and g-son while I called the plumber, who happens to be married to one of my cousins. He said he would be here to check the leak around noon.
While hubbie entertained g-son I started baking , I baked 24 caramel, 4 chocolate, and 4 pound cakes.The plumbers came in around 11am ,so I had to catch some water to use in my baking just in case they had to leave the water turned off for  awhile.
They found out the entire shower faucet was cracked. So they put some water cut-offs on the lines and took the old faucet set to get us a new one. They said it might be tomorrow before they could get back.
The weather has been iffy all day with intermittent clouds and sun but the clouds finally won and the thunder boomers commenced shortly after lunch.
Wednesday is usually cleaning day for the livingroom, hall,office and bedroom but as I looked in the living room and saw g-son spread out with his racetrack and other toys I decided I needed to come up with a "summer" cleaning schedule.
The plumbers were back in the later afternoon and got things all fixed up and all the leaking stopped thankfully.
The rains were nice today, slow and steady with only distant thunder. I poured about 1/4" from the gauge at chore time.
I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen icing caramel and chocolate cakes and getting ready for market. I have the big 10 caramel cake order for the camp tomorrow plus a couple other 1 and 2 cake orders so I should have a pretty good day.
Since I wasn't out of the kitchen long enough today to make any photos for this post it is a good time to finish up the June decade pics with what was going on in June 2003.
Back in those times we were making a family trip to the Outer Banks of NC each summer. This year #1 son and daughter took their best friends along on the trip.
Getting ready to cross the bridge onto the island,this bridge has since been replaced after one the hurricanes in later years caused some structural damage.
The water up here seemed bluer than at any other beach we have been to.
One of the first days we were there the girls made out a traveling agenda for us. The boys opted to stay  on the beach and fish so Hubbie and I, daughter and Andrea left early for a day of exploring.
We stopped at the Wright Brother's memorial where they took the first flight.

Next stop Jockey's Ridge which is a giant mountain of sand.

Yea. that's me needing a little help at the steepest part,I made it though !!!
We  stopped at the Bodie Island light house.
Hubbie and the girls also climbed the Hatteras Lighthouse but not me I am afraid of heights !!
This is hubbie and daughter with Andrea as the photographer.
 At the bottom of the island chain we drove on the ferry for a ride to Okracoke Island.
There was a shorter lighthouse on Okracoke.
We also explored several old ship wrecks and hunted treasures along the way from one end of the island to the other.
Fishing is always a fun family activity.

Here #2 son grapples with a Horseshoe crab who looks like it means business !!!
At the northern end of the Island the road goes onto the beach. It was so strange to see Lowe's trucks and all the traffic traveling on the beach road which runs all the way to Virginia.
This is hubbie with our Isuzu Trooper on the beach. We had four wheel drive and I was still nervous about getting stuck in the sand.
This beach was where the wild mustangs came to fight the black flies during the heat of the day. I was surprised to see how unafraid these wild horses were.
We were there one morning when a thick fog rushed in and made visibility almost 0.
This is the entire gang out for supper one night.At far end of table is #1 son, Andrea and Chad with backs to camera, daughter and hubbie facing camera and #2 son at nearer table end.
And the photographers turn to have a picture made with hubbie.
While we were there me and the girls went over to Manteo so see the "Lost Colony" play that is held every summer. We enjoyed it very much but the barrage of mosquitoes, not so much !!!.
I would love to go back up to the Currituck area to see how much it has changed in the last 10 years.
The Outer Banks is one of my favorite places to visit.
I am writing this on Thursday night and back dating since it was midnight when I finished icing and headed for bed last night.
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day.

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linda eller said...

Love the memories, and it brought back one for me as well. My best friend got married on Okracoke and we went with them. Loved the island and all the areas around.