Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hubbie is off for another day using up his about to expire time off for the year. G-son was here at 7am. After chores were done and we all had had our breakfast we loaded the van with all the rugs and dog beds for a trip to the laundry.
They helped me get things carried in and then took off to explore while I stayed and watched the laundry wash !!!
I chatted  with a lady that was visiting from Goosecreek,SC. She and her husband were staying in their camper in one of the local camping parks.
In about an hour hubbie and g-son came back helped me load everything back in the van and we headed home to hang things out on the clothesline and hope for at least a couple hours of sunshine.
We had lunch then hubbie went to the garden to plant the next planting of green beans while g-son and me got our regular laundry started.
I sat up my laptop for him to play games on while I did some housecleaning.
I have been putting off defrosting my large chest freezer downstairs long enough. I got everything out of it in coolers and put large dishpans in it to catch the ice as it fell from the sides. This freezer is easy to defrost as it never has that much ice.
Hubbie came inside from his gardening in the hot humid afternoon and he helped me put back together the old desk from my office that has been sitting around downstairs in several pieces.
We got it set up in place of a folding table down there.
With thunder getting closer with each boom I gathered the rugs from the line  and hung some of the still damp ones inside. This was just in time from a short shower of raindrops with this passing storm.
#1 son came after g-son after working over about an hour .
Hubbie and I had supper and did the evening chores as the storm clouds blew past us again tonight thankfully.
I went downstairs to get the ice out and dry the chest freezer and put away the dry rugs. While I was down there I went into the bathroom down there and happened to look up the ceiling. I almost screamed when I saw 2 panels of the drop ceiling in there completely circled with dark rings and sagging badly from leaking water.  I yelled for hubbie and after taking out the ceiling tiles we discovered a slow leak in one of the shower feed water lines. We emptied the shelf upstairs so we could see the waterlines that go to the shower and were amazed to see all the standing water on the floor under the shower stall. Hubbie was glad we used treated plywood for our flooring.
There was a lot of water from a leak that appears now to be very slow so I am calling the plumbers who installed these new fixtures a couple years ago to see where they think all the water is coming from. We wish we could replace the entire shower stall but since it was put in and the room built around it we don't know if that is possible.
Always  something to keep life interesting around here !!!!
Hubbie asked me how long it had been since I looked at the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom and I have no idea or why I actually looked up at it this time !!!  Thanks to that little guardian angel that sits on my shoulder each day I did look up !!!!
All the "extra duties" for the month of June are finally done even if I did wait until the last week !!
I started some of my July decorating tonight just because I knew if I sat down I would probably be asleep.This is the sunroom table.

Now it is time to go to sleep and I humbly thank God for all the strength He gives me each day and for turning my eyes upward  this evening,may my eyes always look upward !!
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Life is never boring is it? Glad you 'looked up' for sure and that it wont be too difficult to repair.

linda m said...

Your guardian angel surely was sitting on your shoulder saying "look up, look up". Always something new each day just to keep us on our toes. Blessings