Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Woke to socked in cloudy skies this morning. After getting all the animals cared for (ours and everybody elses), and having breakfast I debated on taking all the rugs to the laundry today because I need to be able to hang them outside to dry. In this humid weather I definitely couldn't hang them inside to dry. Most of them have rubber backs so putting them in a dryer was not a good idea either. Finally I made the decision to wait on the rug washing.
I did the rest of the laundry in between housecleaning all morning.
The clouds hung around all day but only a shower of rain drops late this evening came today.
Talked to #1 son a couple times today and all is well at the beach. G-son got to spend time in the pool, the lazy river and on the beach with his mom today as she waited for the on and off rain showers to clear for her photo session.
I spent another evening watching the cloud formations cross the sky. This is what I called a "checkerboard sky" !
I watched tonight for a colorful sunset with all the fleeting clouds but all I got was silver and grey on the blue sky with puffy white thunderheads.
I rode the stationary exercise bike for 20 minutes this evening and went 3 3/4 miles. I did feel a little more energetic afterward.
Grateful for a loving Heavenly Father tonight and praying for my family.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Your cloud pictures are very interesting, especially the checkerboard one. We have had a little cooler weather with no rain ,but are expecting another storm system by this weekend. Crops around here aren't liking the cool nights and all the rain. Some crops are even rotting in the fields due to the wether. God's blessings to you.

linda eller said...

Pretty clouds; I can watch them all day and enjoy what they look like or what I can see in them.