Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today was "graduation Sunday" at church and we had a line of high school and college graduates to congratulate today.

The sermon was from one of my favorite Bible verses,Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8, which talks about time. There is a time for everything and it is ultimately God's time.
At one point during the sermon the preacher commented about how parents would love for their children to stay small and always be around the house. He said he would love it if his kids would come in and mess his house up again, just to have them around. I silently bowed my head and prayed my heart felt thanks to God for my world right now. Thinking back to last night ,my house filled with  laughter and conversation, happy faces of family and friends and active little ones. How lucky I am !!!  What I do to deserve this I don't know but I never forget each day to thank the One who makes it possible.
I have friends tell me I'm crazy for devoting so much of my time to caring for these little ones or dropping my work to do something for one of the kids.
I don't feel crazy at all, I feel blessed. To me the feel of a baby in my arms is the most satisfying time ,or when g-son tugs on my skirt,asking for more milk or cookies or to play ball with him in the yard, that's my Heaven on earth, I guess I'm just the grandmotherly type and I wouldn't change a thing even if I could.
Today at lunch my house was full once again with all three kids, g-son ,Aaron,Rebecca and little Evy. And once again I joyously listened to the happy chatter filling my house.
We had roast beef, fresh corn on the cob, green beans,potatoes and our first of the year wilted lettuce.
Aaron and Rebecca both had never had the wilted lettuce before and they both liked it.
After we ate the 3 boys loaded up in #2 son's truck and went to check on his lot of land that he is buying and to see how deep the neighbor had to drill his well to get water.
When they returned everyone went their own way , hubbie went to his monthly Deacon's meeting and I rested on a rainy Sunday. This morning at chore time there was 1/2" of rain in the gauge and there was an additional 6/10ths inch this evening at choretime. There have been some severe storms south of our area today and I have heard thunder several times but we got a nice slow rain on and off all day.
The rest of the week looks pretty nice and normal to begin the month of June 2013.
Grateful to God tonight for the wonderful blessings of this Lord's day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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