Monday, June 17, 2013


A strange Monday morning without g-son. He is with his dad who has taken the week off work to help chaperone the youth from church on a trip to Myrtle Beach,SC. G-son gets to tag along and daughter is also one of the leader/chaperones that is on the trip. About 25 youths from middle school thru high school age are going with 5 adult chaperones. They are going to E-Camps that are held each year in the same place. They left at 10am this morning and I pray for traveling mercies for them today.
After chores and breakfast hubbie went with me to the eye doctor for my yearly exam. I'm anxious to hear what the doc says about my vision as I think it has gotten worse this year.
I didn't have to have my eyes dilated as I usually do to let him look for any signs of melanoma cancer. They had a new way to photograph the eye and keep it on file for future comparison,similar to what they do with a mammogram. The cost was only $25 dollars if they didn't see any abnormalties in the photos and if they did see something my insurance would pay for it. Thankfully I had to pay the $25 !
Like I thought my eyes have changed,my far-away vision has gotten better but my up-close vision is worse. He didn't think it was the effect of these new glasses that keep moving around on my nose but rather just natural aging. He said I could get new glasses with a new type of lens or just keep wearing these. These old glasses are a year old and cost almost $800, a new pair with cheaper frames would have been $500 today so I decided to wear the old ones and keep pushing them up on my nose !!
After we left there we stopped by the dermatologist office and hubbie made an appointment to get a place looked at on his back then we headed for the Discount Shoe Barn in southern Buncombe county.
We both had luck finding good sales on a couple pairs of shoes and I got some new orthodics to wear with my new sandles.
We stopped at Subway for lunch on the way home.
The sky has been covered with clouds all morning and we have seen a couple showers of rain but we were dry so far at home.
I made pictures of some silkie chicks to advertise them for sale and refilled all the bird feeders.
As I sat outside to watch the sunset I watched these dark clouds push what little blue sky we had today below the horizon this evening just before we got a rain storm that dropped 1 1/4" of rain in about 30 minutes.

Back in June of 1983 hubbie and I had our hands full of little boys (and puppies)  !!
#1 son loved to ride in the wheelbarrow with our little house dog at the time.
We used to raise different types of puppies to sell for extra money and it looks like we had some little Elkhounds at this time.
#2 son was unmoved by the company of a puppy.
Now it's the puppy's turn to yell heeeeelp  !!!!
#1 son with his daddy getting a shower  !!!!
#2 son was such a happy layed back baby !!!

Life was very exciting back in June of 1983 and as I look at these pics I cannot believe that it was 30 years ago !!!!
#1 son, daughter and the youth made it to Myrtle Beach safely and on time this afternoon and everything is going fine so far.
D-in-love left this evening to join the youth trip at the beach. She has a photo shoot with a large family near where the youth are staying so it worked out for her to be there with them for the next couple days.
Hubbie and I have dog sitting duty. Daughter's dog Tipper is staying in our basement and we are feeding and caring for #1 son's family pets while d-in-love is down there. We made  a list tonight of our duties and put it on the table so we surely won't forget something.
Praying tonight for our church youth and their leaders.
Thankful to God for all the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love the old pictures - such cute little boys! Your cloud pictures are very good. We lucked out yesterday and didn't get any rain. But Saturday night we got dumped on - like you 1 1/4 inches in 30 minutes. Needless to say we are water logged. Blessings

linda eller said...

Love the pictures of your boys and hubby 'back then'. Looking at pics like this always bring happy memories.