Monday, June 10, 2013


I got woke up a couple times last night by the hard rain and winds that rattled the window over my bed. Thankfully the creek stayed in its banks and we didn't have any blown over trees at our place like many others did.
G-son was here at 7:00 this morning and little Evy arrived about an hour later. They spent most of the morning admiring each other.

After her late morning bottle little Evy sacked out for a couple hours after her active morning.
It's a good thing her mom put her in pink because all the blue left over baby things I have would surely make her look like a little boy !  I got out my baby monitors and surprisingly the batteries were still good in them to listen to her while she slept.
G-son was funny after Evy went to sleep and wanted a lot more attention than normal from both Pawpaw and me.
It was a good day to play inside with another heavy band of rain coming through around lunchtime.
We got a total of 2" more  rain since I emptied the gauge last night.This cartoon pretty much sums up everyone around here's thoughts right now !!!
After Evy's mom came after her and the sun came out enough for pawpaw and g-son to head outside for some ball throwing I went through my photos for decade pics for June.
I found some more "unknowns" for this month also.
These were with my dad's family photos but I have no idea who these women are or the dates of the pics.

This young lady I have a feeling is one of my dad's great nieces who lived in Forest City but I'm not sure which one it is even if it is one of them. Whoever it is is leaning against my dad's car in this one.

Maybe someone out there in blogger land will recognize some of these folks.
G-son left with his dad and I did evening chores slipping and sliding through the muddy chicken lots.
The cattle are staying in the upper pasture today hoping some of the water in the bottom pastures goes down. Even without the creek flooding there is water standing everywhere down there and the farm pond is over full.
Hopefully our rain is over for a few days !!
I blogged a little early tonight so I can get a good night's sleep to begin another early day with extra kidos around.
Grateful to God for the blessings He sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

What a precious baby... I can understand why your little grandson wanted to play with her... Do you think his Mom/Dad will have another child???

Rain --rain---go away.. We had rain all night last night and this morning and again tonight... We even drove in some very very heavy rains this afternoon... Love the cartoon and will probably put it on FB tomorrow...


linda m said...

I know how you feel about all the rain - the cartoon says it all. Little Evy is so precious. Sure can understand g-son's admiration with her. It is finally starting to dry out here after almost a month of rain. Blessings.

linda eller said...

Evy is so precious and loved the pictures. We are all wishing for some sunshine and a few dry days. Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

Connie Team 7 said...

I am Evy's grandma. We live in Iowa where Evy's grandpa is frantically working around rain and flooding trying to get the crops in the ground. We really miss Evy (o.k. -we miss her mommy, Rebekah, and daddy, Aaron, too). However, we are thankful that God has blessed her with a surrogate grandma...Marilyn. Thank you, Marilyn, for taking care of our baby! AND....thanks to your grandson for loving Evy, too! We are blessed....