Friday, June 14, 2013


HAPPY  FLAG  DAY 2013 !!!

Our flag is 236 years old today !!!!

Hubbie took today off to use up some of the time he will loose if he doesn't take it off before the end of the month.
He got up with g-son and let me snooze a little longer but like yesterday I couldn't go back to sleep.
After chores I helped g-son find a game to play while I did my baking for the day. I only had 6 caramel cakes to bake today,a light load compared with Wednesday.
I cleaned the sunroom and kitchen after we all had lunch then it was outside for an afternoon of play.
Hubbie who had been mowing grass all morning finished just in time to join us.
After seeing the story on the news last night about a six year old girl in one of our WNC counties  that died from Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from a tick bite d-in-love gave g-son his summertime haircut.
I remember each summer both my boys would get this same type haircut as soon as school was out then it would take all summer to grow back before school started again.
Today was a really nice day with sunshine and breezy upper 70's temperatures. It sure felt good compared to the last couple 90+ days ! As hubbie and I sat outside after g-son left this evening it felt like a fall evening. Tonight it will surely feel like fall with low 50's overnight temps.
Daughter sent me this pic of her at the hospital holding her girl friend, Rhonderia's new baby girl.

Thankful for the wonderful blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Ticks, mosquiteos and any other bug is why I am not crazy about summer. With that haircut, it sure is easy to find a tick if there. Enjoy your weekend.