Thursday, June 20, 2013


Halleluiah !! I think I see a hint of sunshine this morning !!!
After chores and breakfast I had to take a long walk to soak in the warmth of that gorgeous golden orb up in the sky that has been scarce for the past several days.
I took some pics of today bloomers as I made my rounds.
Right out my front door God has given me this fragrant bouquet to greet me.
The Hosta's are showing off their dainty bell shaped blossoms.

My large Magnolia tree in the back yard that I baby with meals of Hollytone spring and fall has a lot of blossom this year but they open and quickly turn brown and fall off in all this rain.
This pot of Lavender is in full fragrant bloom.

In the garden the blossoms are a bit late due to the cool, wet spring we've had. The Kennebec Potatoes bloom white and the Red Pontiac early potatoes sport these pretty lilac blooms.

A few tomatoes are starting to bloom giving us hope of those delicious fresh home grown beauties.

Isn't it easy to tell the Nightshade Family  of wild and garden plants by their similar blossoms, just different color combinations !!
This blossom belongs to a wild Bull Nettle Briar in the same family.
We will soon have some fresh yellow squash to fry !
And growing in one of the old bathtubs beside the green house and starting to bloom with this first blossom is one of my favorite wild flowers, the Morning Glory.

I made myself come inside and get to the days work of baking cakes and housecleaning. I baked 12 caramel,2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes before I took a lunch break. Then I settled in to cleaning mode for a while.
Unfortunately by the time I finished this the sun had hidden behind the clouds but I still took a nice break outside with a cool drink.
I pulled weeds in the garden and made the hens very happy.
After hubbie came in from work we watched the early news cast then I retired to my office for weekly paperwork and bill paying duties.
All is still well at the beach, d-in-love got the photo shoot in this morning under an overcast sky, which she said was better that the glaring sunshine. She will be heading home later this afternoon, I pray for a safe return trip for her today.
After evening chores I spent the evening icing cakes and getting ready for market tomorrow.
D-in -love made it home safely and hubbie went over to help her get settled in.
Grateful to God for the wonderful blessed day this has been.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Love all the blooms!