Thursday, June 6, 2013


G-son was anxious to get to school this morning with the two gifts for his teachers. It was misting rain lightly as I hurried through chores to get ready to get to market.
I had a good day at market and stayed steadily busy all day. I took several orders for Saturday also,so looks like my season is kicking into a higher gear.
The rain came off and on all day but when it was time to load the van thankfully it wasn't raining. I ran regular errands and picked up baking supplies along with a stop at the strawberry farm. They won't have strawberries much longer, the rainy weather has significantly shortened the season and the berries I got today taste good but won't last long.
I was unloading when hubbie came in from work. We finished getting things put away in time to watch the early news cast.
Both of us sat fighting sleep so we decided we had better get chores done before the heavy rains move in.
I moved one of my silkie hen and chicks to a larger house. I will clean her old nesting box out tomorrow for another little lady who is wanting to set.
After supper hubbie and I took hot cups of coffee and tea outside to enjoy the cool evening watching the clouds move across the sky. The air actually got chilly.
Got a call from #2 son tonight and he got a contract from a buyer on his house that he is selling today.
Hopefully the sale will go smoothly.
Tropical storm Andrea made landfall tonight on Florida's west coast dumping heavy rain and is headed up the east coast.
We are expected to get some heavy rains starting early tomorrow morning depending on the exact track she takes as she gets closer to us.

 I poured 1/2" of rain from the gauge this evening.
It is very calm outside tonight,maybe the calm before the storm !!!
Grateful to God for His undying love and generous blessings He pours out each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like you had a good day at the market... Great news. Good news about your son's house too.

We got more rain today--but nothing like yesterday.. We just had some hit and miss rains off and on!!!!!

Hope you don't get much of the bad weather from that storm.


linda eller said...

Hoping you dont get heavy rains, just mild ones from that front moving up the coast.