Saturday, June 8, 2013


Off to market early this morning on a cool damp day. After we got set up I walked around market looking for fresh produce and found some yummy looking fresh broccoli. I didn't plant any broccoli this year so I was glad to find someone who did !
After a slow start the day got busier as the clouds broke up and the day was really nice. Talked to daughter who was on her way to Black Mountain for one of her best friends from college daughter's first birthday party. She made the cupcakes for the party and this is a design she put together.
She is so creative !!  Just like her mother,hahaha !!
She is also a very busy lady just like her mother. She got home from "Project Graduation" at 6 this morning and after sleeping a couple hours is on her way to this party.
After market I stopped at Harris Teeter to get more BOGO eggs and then at Aldi for some baking supplies. The sky was dark and I heard thunder while I was in Aldi but as I drove out of town toward home I left the clouds behind me.
Hubbie had been working all day repairing the gulleys washed out by yesterday's rain storm. He also had to repair some places around the foundation of our house where the rats that invaded earlier this spring tunneled holes. We haven't seen any of these nasty critters since hubbie trapped and shot a bunch of them.
We watched the college play-off baseball game between North Carolina and South Carolina which NC won in extra innings.
As we started to do the evening chores the huge rain drops began falling. Thankfully we only got a short shower this time. But a little later while we were trying to grill some kabobs the rain came back,much harder this time. Thankfully our supper was almost ready when it started and hubbie didn't get too wet getting things off the grill.
After supper we relaxed for the evening. My throat is a little scratchy tonight and I'm not feeling great so not doing anything suited me just fine.
We turned our air conditioning on for the first time yesterday and I think that is what is wrong with my throat,hope so anyway !
With the temperatures hovering in the eighties with sixties at night and all the humidity coming with the rain chances of the next week we thought it would be better sleeping weather with the air on.
I emptied another 1/2 inch of rain from the gauge this evening. I think this is close to what it must be like living in the rain forest !!! Our area is 15 inches above normal for the year so far.
I am so glad I can put my trust in the Lord for all things including the timing of the rain and know that He knows best !
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Glad you had a good day at the market. We are having those type showers too....on, off, on, off. Hope you are feeling better by today.