Sunday, August 11, 2019


Up this beautiful Sunday morning to get chores done and have breakfast while we got the chicken that had cooked overnight in the crockpot shredded and rice added to it back in the crockpot to cook while we are at church and got potatoes and corn cooked on the stove to keep warm.
Hubbie made a gallon of sweet tea.
We had nursery duty at church this morning and hubbie, #1 son and I took care of 9 little ones, whew!
After church we came here to get green beans and biscuits cooked to go with everything else for lunch.
We had #1 son's family, daughter's family, Aa's family and Kristen and Addie join us for lunch. Everyone enjoyed the food and had a nice visit.
#1 son's family stayed after everyone left as I had an older couple coming from Marion to get the 11 guinea keets I advertised on Craigslist last night so son could help with getting the keets caught.
D-in-love left for music practice before the buyers got here and hubbie went over to daughter's to help try and get their lawn mower started.
The couple arrived and we had no trouble getting the keets from the box I had them in into the crate the buyers brought and didn't have to chase any of them to RL's disappointment as she was poised and ready for the chase !!
After they left son took g-son and RL home and I went over to go with daughter up on Sugarloaf Mountain to our friends farm to get a couple quarts of the fresh blackberry blossom honey she had just pulled off and we also got some fresh raspberries which were very good.
We came home and I came home to get chores done. Son-in-love was getting ready to mow their lawn as he and hubbie finally got the mower running.
I got chores done and decided to go ahead and advertise some of my older hens and roosters for sale. It is a little early to sell these but maybe someone will be looking for some now.
The movable chicken tractor holds most of the ones I 'm selling and then the tractor can rest until it's time to move it into the garden for composting .
Right now we are letting some of the grass around hubbie's shop grow so they will have some green to eat. Their egg production has really gone down with this hot weather so it is time for them to go. These older hens make wonderful stewing hens and chicken and dumplings or if someone needs some ground clearing they are still laying a few eggs each day.
I peeled a bunch of different variety apples that a fellow market vendor gave me yesterday and put them in the crockpot for some tasty applesauce. Early apples aren't my favorite eating apples but they do make very good applesauce. I'll let them cook down overnight and then see how much sauce they make . I might freeze some if there is too much to eat .
Relaxed for the evening to get ready for a full week ahead as d-in-love goes back to work full time and daughter has a couple days at work to get her classroom in order for the substitute teach that will be there until she can get back to work after CA's surgery.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying for CA.
God Bless and Good Night