Saturday, July 3, 2010


Market was very busy this morning,I was sold out by noon,wow! In the heat of the early afternoon the crowds thinned and we sellers wilted as our fans blew the hot air around.Hubbie went to the hospital about noon and took g-son to see his dada.
After market I picked up supplies for next week and headed home to unload the van.
Stopped by #2 son's house to check on the new puppy and drop off his puppy chow he asked me to pick up. He came in from work while I was there and started loving on that puppy. That little pup doesn't know how lucky he is to have gotten the home he did.
I still forgot to take a picture.
I did take a picture of this beautiful bouquet of flowers from a neighbor at market.

Sunflowers are so cheery ,you just have to smile when you look at them. If son was a flower person I would take some for him to look at but I'm sure he would think I'd lost my mind.
I helped daughter unload peaches,watermelons, and cantelopes she bought at the farmers market on her way home.
I stopped at Ingles on the way to the hospital to pick up son some fruit,it is good to have him ask for something to eat for a change.
Hubbie went home to mow grass when I got here. We all still feel we need to stay with son until he gets in a more positive frame of mind.
He was sitting up eating a little of his supper when I got here and looks soooooo much better. His color is good and he seems so peaceful. He said he could rest today without having to worry about having more surgery.
I am fighting sleep myself tonight,after fighting the hot weather all morning I am drained and would like nothing better than to just lay back and nap. Nappings not going to happen with my achy hips and knees and this hard chair,no not happening.I'll just watch son sleep.And pray that his body is healing while he rest so peacefully.
As boredom sets in here are some scenes from the room.I hope he heeds this sign!Maybe he sat up so I wouldn't take another picture of him !Through a very dirty hospital room window,Old Glory is still a beautiful sight !
Hoping everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July !!!!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love hearing the word, peaceful, when talking about your son... That is a GOOD sign.. Hopefully, the worst is over and he can begin NOW to heal.

I know all of you are extremely tired --and hope to get him home soon...

Happy 4th.

Gail said...

Thank God

Patty H. said...

So good to hear he is doing better. Continuing to pray for him. I love sunflowers, they are so cheerful.
Patty H.

NCmountainwoman said...

It is so wonderful to see your son improving and getting some rest. Now you need to do a bit more about taking care of yourself. Let others run the errands and take some time out for you.

Rita said...

Have been praying for you and your son. It is just wonderful to know he is resting and healing. I will pray for you tonight. I have been waiting with my mother in the hospital many nights, when I myself needed sleep so badly. I would not think of leaving but oh how long the nights were. I will pray someone comes to relieve you so you can go home to sleep. :)