Monday, July 12, 2010


Last night was short at best. Got son comfortable in the recliner about midnight. Then he decided to move to the couch to sleep,so we unplugged and got everything moved to the couch. He thrashed from side to side trying to find a lower pain position so he could sleep. I finally left him at 2 am when he got so tired and sleepy that seemed to be overtaking the pain.
I woke up at 5:30 as hubbie was giving him more pain medicine.
G-son arrived before 7 , but stayed in bed with daughter until she had to get ready to go to her volleyball camp for her high school girls team she coaches.
I fixed everyone breakfast and gave son his meds,hoping for a little less pain or sleep,but neither happened.
He had a visitor from church this morning and was in so much pain he couldn't even talk much to him.
His home health nurse came at about 1 and changed all his dressings,she was really a good nurse and spent almost 2 hours with him.She offered to call his doctor and ask to have his nerve pain medicine upped or changed. Since he is going to the doctor in the morning he said he would talk to him then.
We put a heating pad on his foot and he got some relief from that so that he napped some during the evening.
G-son was good all day and played quietly around his dada,almost as if he sensed his dad's condition wasn't good.
While they both napped this afternoon I worked on some bonnets to sell at market. I sold one Saturday and didn't realize it was my last one.
When hubbie came home we fixed a nice supper and I made a big peach cobbler so they could eat before they headed home.
#2 son came up and helped him get back to his house, he is going with them tomorrow morning to help him get in and out of the doctors office.
Doing a little baking to get a head start on my orders for this week so it won't be so hard the next 2 days.
Praying that God uses the doctor tomorrow to help son with his pain and that it be His will for his recovery to speed along.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Gosh... I feel so sorry for him. I had alot of pain with my knee --and couldn't sleep for the pain. BUT--my knee problem isn't a tenth of what your son has gone through. SO---I know how he feels SORTA... Bless his heart. I know it also hurts you seeing him in such pain. Hopefully, the doctor can give him something else stronger.

Hugs and PRAYERS,

Sue Ellen said...

Somehow, I missed all your story about your son..., went back and re-read them...I am so sorry! Yes, I can't imagine watching him in such pain. An such a long ordeal he has endured...and your family too. I'm praying for his complete and total recovery. For peace for your family. For rest for him and y'all. For comfort. ...Sue

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I hope things start to go better for him soon..pain is hard to cope with and then being unable to sleep makes it even worse..hang in there..:)