Saturday, July 10, 2010


Whew !! Busy ,busy market day today. My neighbor (literally down the road and next table at market) has her produce there now and she and I pass the time talking. We have so much in common and know all the same people of the community. Makes the day fly by ,we were both busy today.
After market I made a couple supply stops,I already have some large orders for next week.
I picked up some baby back pork ribs for hubbie and I for supper tonight and a roast for tomorrow's lunch.
After unloading the van I took a rest until it cools down some outside. I dozed off and woke up when hubbie called me to supper.Maybe I should take more naps !!!
After we ate we both went outside to do some watering as we have had no rain still.
I live in the abnormally dry part of our state.

According to these predictions our drought conditions will improve by September but will it be to late for my garden ??? God only knows and I will be satisfied with His graciousness of what He gives me.
There was so much going on around here today. We usually go to the "Rib-fest" at the Ag Center,but not feeling like a festival this year.
Today was also "Coon Dog Day" in nearby Saluda,this is always a fun event,but not going there this year either.Not the Beverly Hillbillies but close enough !!!This is a coon dog like my cousin used to raise,he also called them Bluetick's, I just liked to pet them,they were really sweet dogs.My cousin Howard also had racoons in large cages on his farm,I remember they did not smell very good.
We never missed a coon dog day while he was alive and well. His dogs always came home with ribbons.
Today was also "Shindig on the Green" in downtown Asheville,that's where daughter and her new beau went to spend the evening. He is a musician so this is right up his alley. She sent me a text earlier ,saying hubbie and I would really enjoy this.As for me I enjoyed sitting out in the sunroom watching the darkness come tonight and listening to the sounds of the night.
Update on son, he had a pretty good day today. He sat out on the porch awhile this evening and didn't even need a pain pill until 5 this evening.
Hopefully his days are going to start getting better and better.
Thanks to God for the many blessings of today and for the peaceful evening of rest.
Good Night and God Bless


Gail said...

It is wonderful to know things are going your way.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Sounds like things may settle down for you and your family over the coming week. I hope so!!

I used to enjoy those "Shindig on the Green" type of things myself --but I guess I'm too old now. Staying at home is my idea of fun now!!!! ha

We had 1/2 inch of rain on Sat. night. We are still 8 inches below where we should be. Many trees in our area are turning yellow and losing their leaves... It's been SO hot and dry that even the trees can't make it. Hope we get more rain this week...George is out watering the roses right now.

Glad you had a busy market day... Sounds like you have lots of orders for this coming week....

Have a great and QUIET Sunday.