Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Getting Dolly to the groomer is always a dramatic experience for her and me,she looks so pitiful when we get in the van,I think she knows exactly where we're going.Oh what a sad face !!!
They said she would be ready about 4:00,which will fit nicely into my schedule this afternoon.After leaving her I made a stop to get some more canning jar lids and then made it home in time to toss them in the house and head over to pick up #1 son for his doctor's appointment.
We didn't have to wait long until they called him back and the doctor came in. They unwrapped all the wounds and he cut out all the dead skin and tissue from them,it was very painful for son and the doctor seemed to be a bit rough on him as he did it.
He also said there were torn ligaments and something else damaged in the back of his knee that was causing some of the complaints son had. This was not something son needed to hear, although a lot of this repair can be done microscopically or as out patient. The doctor seemed to be in a bad mood all around this morning.
We went to Walgreens to pick up a his calcium and a few things the doctor had suggested and then picked up Sub-way sandwiches and headed home for lunch.
After lunch he watched TV and took a nap while I got ready to can beans. Almost got the jars filled and in the canner when the Home Depot delivery guy called and said they were 10 minutes away. I turned the stove off, went outside and put the dogs up as they tend to get in the way of large trucks when they came up the steep part of the drive.
They uncrated and sat the washer inside the downstairs ready for hubbie and #2 son to hook it up some time later.
While they were doing that the groomer called and said Dolly was ready,it is before 3:00,grrrrrrr!!! Any other time I would be glad to go get her early but my beans will ruin if I leave them that long.
As #1 son's home health nurse arrived I went back to my beans. My phone rang again and it was the groomers again,saying she wasn't sure she had called me before. I told her it would be a little while before I could get there and she said they had got finished early and were hoping to leave early,but couldn't get hold of another dog's mommy either so it would be okay to wait to come get her.
Isn't it funny how just when you think everything is going to go along on schedule, things always fly in your face. Oh well I got one canner of beans done,drove to pick Dolly up and did the 2nd canner when I got home, 13 more quarts,for a total of 45 , should do us fine for this winter.
The nurse put a wound vac on the cut on the side of son's leg as well as the hole in his shin. That makes me more comfortable about infection.
He is getting more and more feeling back into his foot, that's good and bad, as sometimes it comes with sharp pains.
Dolly pouted for a while after I picked her up almost as if she knew I could have been there earlier than I was.Bernie didn't care if she was pouting or not,he was just glad to have her home !I'm not real pleased with the haircut Dolly got this time, it's not short enough and her face isn't shave like I asked to keep the hairs out of her eyes. Guess I'll have to make myself clearer next time or find another groomer. I have been thinking about taking Bernie to the groomers at our vet's office to try them out. Right now it's hard for hubbie and I to find time to groom him either.
Tonight after doing paperwork for a couple hours I iced my caramel and chocolate cakes.
D-in-love was late picking son up and I think he was a little hurt when she didn't get here until almost 10:00.
Thanking God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Whew---you did have a busy schedule. Glad son is better---although it sounds like it will be a long process. I know it's hard for him.

Dolly is gorgeous.... I like the new haircut --but I understand what you are saying about her face... It almost sounds like the groomers got in a hurry--anxious to leave... That is NOT good!!!!

Hope you enjoy the new washing machine.