Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well I missed yesterday's blog post completely , didn't even think about it until after midnight.
Yesterday was a very busy day,starting with cakes to bake that I didn't get baked the night before,then icing cakes I had gotten baked.
#1 son came about 10:30 and he sat in the kitchen and chatted while I worked. He looks and feels so much better it is wonderful.
We had lunch and I did paperwork and payed bills while he watched TV.
I made a couple of bonnets for market.

Son's home care nurse came at 3:45 to change all his dressings and thankfully caught a potential drug reaction between the new nerve pain drug and the muscle spasm drug he has been taking. I thought the pharmacist was supposed to keep up with that but not this time. Mixing these 2 meds could cause seizures,which son surely does not need now !!
This nurse is so good, he really lucked up when he got this young lady to take care of him.

Our minister came by plus 3 other friends and kept him company until it was time to go home for supper.
After he left hubbie and I went to pick up a rooster that I found advertised on craigs list.
We also bought 2 pullets of the same breed. The rooster is a Blue Orphington ,one pullet is blue orphington the other is a black orphington. Pictures will come in a day or so. He is settling in well with my 3 ladies. Although today I only got 1 egg, they must have had other things on their mind besides laying eggs I guess !!!

Market was busy today and hot ,whew. Thankfully a man from my church was waiting to pick up some cakes when I got there and carried in all my cakes for me, BLESS YOUR HEART DAVID !!!

After running errands and delivering a couple Avon orders I got home and unloaded then crashed for a while to revive from the heat of the day.
After supper hubbie and I watered plants since we have not gotten all that promised rain of the last few days. Then we headed for church to work.
Back home I am catching up on some things from yesterday and plan on an early bedtime to get ready for a busy Friday.
Listening to the weather reports and the promises of more much needed rain to come tomorrow and Saturday,we'll see !!! We'll hope !!!
Thanking God for His blessings and for touching son' s body with a healing hand.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad your son is doing so well.... Glad also that the nurse was aware of the medication problem... I hate medications ----and wonder sometimes if medication causes more trouble than it helps. Of course, when you have pain, you HAVE to have something to help.... (I know that because of my knee problem.)

It's horribly hot here again ---and I can barely go outside just for a few minutes... Hope we do get some rain tomorrow and Saturday. That last big batch missed us...

Love your bonnets... Hope tomorrow is a good day for you and your precious family.