Thursday, July 1, 2010


Up early and off to market,heard from daughter right before I left,son had been taken down for an ultrasound of his good leg to locate a vein to use in the by-pass.
Market was pretty good and lots of people came by to ask about son and offer prayers on his behalf.
A message from daughter said that they had to give son 2 bags of plasma because his blood was way to thin to even do the arteriogram.
I left market and ran my weekly errands before picking up supplies for tomorrow's baking.
Daughter had g-son here when I got home and they helped me unload and put things away.
Daughter had to go to work at her part time job at Fat's this evening.
#2 son came up and helped hubbie and I move the chickens into their new abode. They started scratching in the soft dirt as soon as we put them in the lot.After having like 50 or more chickens to take care of it seems funny to just have these 3 girls,but I'm looking to get them a boyfriend soon and some more girl friends.
The house they have is pretty small so that will limit my numbers.
I will need to shut them up in it at night as we have coyotes ,foxes,dogs and other preditors around here especially at night when I put up my 2 australian shepperd guard dogs.They actually climbed up and got in their house about dusk tonight,I was afraid I would have to go out after dark and put them in it.
It was extremely hot and we sure did our share of sweating out there getting this set up,but now it's done.
Hubbie came in,cleaned up and went over to the hospital to spend the night with son tonight.
After the arteriogram today they decided to do the surgery in the morning at 8:00.Prep will start at 6:30. Son is very anxious about this surgery. I think he has gotten so far down because of the antibiotic fever and so weak from not eating anything that his emotional state is in shambles right now.
They took him to do a chest x-ray tonight and both d-in-love and I told hubbie to go for food while he was gone having that,but he waited until he came back, so son called d-in-love while she was here melting down again. He was alone at night and hurting from them taking him for the x-ray.
After hubbie got back with food and son ate something he was much better and had settled down some.
Prayerfully this surgery will go well and fix the problems he has in his foot.
Sadly the doctors said had they been involved earlier the by-pass probably wouldn't have been necessary.
Thanking God for opening these new doors for son,we think the timing was bad but we have to realize that we don't have the ability to understand God's timing of things.
Good Night and God Bless


Claudia said...

I love how everyday is a new improvement! Praying it continues and the spirits start being positive again. Praise God!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love the new chicken house, Marilyn.. Hope you can keep them safe from the night critters...

I'm keeping your son in my prayers. I know he is tired of all of this... I can certainly understand why he is so 'down' ... I would be too... Glad he is in a better hospital now... Maybe it will all be over soon. I hope.

Hugs and Prayers,