Sunday, July 25, 2010


You know you live in the country when this is the traffic jam you get in on the way to church..
If you had visited our church for the first time today you would have gotten a surprise as our pastor was dressed in a cowboy shirt and blue jeans as he preached today.
You would have been welcomed by this wagon on the outside.And this would have been what you would have seen as soon as you entered...You might have surely thought all this a bit odd if you just hadn't happened to come down the front walk and see the other side of the outside wagon....Vacation Bible school is almost here,next week will be an excitingly busy week !!!
After church we had lunch of BBQ, fresh corn,beans and potatoes from our garden and I made a peach cobbler from some fresh peaches I got at market this week, yum , yum !!
#2 son,daughter and #1 son all made it to lunch, #1 son drove his truck over here for his first driving experience since his accident. He looks much better today, he is definitely on the mend now. I hope he doesn't do anything to cause a back set !!!
This afternoon it was to hot to do much of anything as the thermometer shows why again today..
Shortly after I took this picture,the clouds started rolling in and the thunder and lightning where fairly close. We fortunately missed the brunt of the storms but did get about 1/2" of much needed rain that fell slow and steady.
After the rain it was like a sauna outside, I had to take my glasses off as they kept steaming up.
I walked some today and was treated to some distant photos of this Great White Egret that was searching for dinner in our farm pond.This bird was very wary of any movement and even with my 300mm lens this was as close as I got before this beautiful bird took flight.Fortunately he circled around and came directly over my head as if to taunt me !!!

This has been a relaxing Sunday evening and as I sat and watched the little Wrens make tireless trips back and forth feeding their hungry,loud brood I said a thankful prayer to God for all His wondrous creations that are so lovely to behold.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Lots of churches seem to be using that theme this year for VBS... I've seen it around here also....You preacher must be a neat guy... Hope VBS goes well.. I know the children enjoy it.... I either taught or directed it for years and years. When I lived in Texas ---our church was so large that we had 2 VBS's--one in the morning and one at night... That was ALOT of work.

Your Sunday dinner sounded wonderful... I love all of those Fresh veggies.... AND that Peach Cobbler is to die for.... YUM....

Hope we both get some rain and cooler temps this week. Glad you got some rain yesterday.. We need some!!!

Gail said...

A well deservcd quiet day, you have had your share of storms lately and have weathered them all. You are blessed.