Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Another roller coaster day as I started out early icing cakes and having a routine Wednesday morning I got a text from daughter at the hospital saying son may be discharged today !!
I finished my caramel cake icings and headed over to the hospital,hopefully for the last trip for a while.
When I got there son said the orthopedic doctor was suppose to come in at noon and sign his home health care papers before he could go and this doctor never came. The nurse came in and said she had called his office twice and daughter had called once to try to get the doctor over there to no avail.
Son didn't act to disappointed as the afternoon wore on and it soon became evident that he wasn't going home today when the nurse came in and said I have to take you off the going home list for today.
I know son was really disappointed as anyone who has been in a hospital for a month would be but he is feeling so much better it is so good to see him like this.
As I left to come home at 5:00 that doctor still hasn't shown up.
On the way home I passed a temperature sign and it was 98 degrees at 5:15,wow that's hot.
I watered my potted plants tonight as hubbie headed over to sit with son a while.
The doctor finally came in to see son and hopefully filled out the papers needed so tomorrow he can be discharged.
Daughter is going to pick him up since I will be at market tomorrow.
I pray that everything goes as planned and he is home tomorrow night at this time.
I'm almost afraid to even think about it as something else might come up.
Praying that God will oversee son's discharge and it be His will for him to get home and on the road to recovery.
Good Night and God bless.


Patty H. said...

Will be praying he gets to go home. I know you all are exhausted. I would love to know how you fix your caramel icing. I have some black walnuts and caramel icing is wondrful on a black walnut cake.
Patty H

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Awe--those doctors and hospitals... It's WAIT WAIT WAIT.... I hate to even say this, but I wonder if that doctor was on the golf course yesterday...... GADS!

Hope your son DOES get home today... I know how frustrating all of this can be. I also hope that DIL and son can quit their bickering --and allow him to get well.... It is a stressful time for all.

Keep me posted.... He's still in my prayers.

Gail said...

Good news, home again, home again!