Monday, July 5, 2010


G-son and I went back to bed after he arrived for a little while.
When we got up and had breakfast,daughter came up and surprised him. He is always glad to see his aunt T.
She stayed here with him while I did a shortened Avon route, I guess everyone is still celebrating the 4th weekend.
Hubbie called from the hospital and said son was feeling better and had a more positive attitude today.
They were waiting on his special boot before they could do physical therapy.
When I got home daughter was getting ready to take g-son to see his dad. She has to go to work tonight so she said the time would be about right for both of them. G-son's patience run out quickly,sitting in a hospital room.
They came back and g-son was sleeping,we layed him on the couch and while hubbie bush hogged in the pasture I took a much needed break to just sit and watch the birds in my back yard.I felt blessed when this little fledling wren who was raised in the little house hanging from this tree came back to pay a visit.I knew it was getting close to the time for them to leave the nest but with all the distraction of the last month I missed their flight training,so I was glad this one came back to let me know they made it. She first actually landed on the birdhouse but after I went to get my camera and came back she didn't get any closer than this tree branch.She kept singing that beautiful wren song.
As the sun started down I happened to look over at a moon vine I had planted and noticed this fragrant bloom opened up almost right before my eyes.I have wanted one of these vines for years and planted 2 this year one in front and this one on the dog lot beside the outside patio. If you've never smelled one of these flowers you have really missed something.
G-son woke up right before supper,he ate a huge supper,then helped pawpaw water tomato plants since a broken brace on the bush hog cut that chore short today.
D-in-love has been at the hospital with son this evening after #2 son left,so I'll stay home tonight and go early tomorrow to relieve daughter after she spends the night tonight . We're hoping tonight will be the last one that we feel someone needs to be there with him.
He has his catheter out and they are taking the PCA pain meds and IV out tonight. He will be on pain medicine by mouth from now on. He called me earlier and talked for quite awhile. He has a rash and I told him it may be the sheep skin pad they put under his leg,due to his wool allergy.
We are hoping home by the weekend,how wonderful that would be!!!!!
Thanking God for His blessings and praying for patience for son and all of us as we move along on God's time frame.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, Wouldn't it be great if your son could get home soon??? I will continue to pray for his recovery. This has been hard on all of your family...

Blogger is all messed up today.. Hope you can get this comment...

Very hot and dry here... We got up early and watered the yard/plants today.. Everything is SO dry...

Prayers and Hugs,

Grace on the Narrow Path said...
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Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You and your son are in my prayers.
Please stop by my new blog, Grace on the Narrow Path. I had to delete my old blog, Seeking Grace due to blogger problems. Please follow along with me as I follow along with you on this journey.