Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Up early to get chores done before g-son gets here,he is staying here while dad goes to the doctor this morning. #2 son is driving him there in daughter's jeep. He doesn't know how he will do with the long drive and the removal of stitches and what ever else they do to him so #2 son went along to help d-in-love.
The doctor visit went great, they did an x-ray and said everything looked good and right on healing schedule. They increased the nerve pain medicine he is taking and added another one,they even discussed a nerve block if these meds don't lower the pain level.
The doctor gave son a pep talk and made him feel better about himself. His quote of what the doctor said was " sympathy is found in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis".
The only down side to the visit was the removal of the stitches in one of the facsiotomy cuts as the cut tried to open back up and they had to secure it with butterfly bandages. He will have to be extra careful with that side for a while.This is the other side,these stitches won't come out for a while because this is the side the vascular surgeon opened back up during the artery replacement procedure.
When they got home #2 son helped him to see if he could get into their car and get the wheelchair in the back . They drove over to pick up g-son and he looked so much better and his attitude was so much brighter. Thank you Lord !!!!!
This afternoon they took g-son to the movies.
I cleaned house and did laundry all day, the house needed a really good cleaning because I've just been touching over it for the last month.
Wouldn't you know right on my last load of laundry,I smelled a strong odor of burning rubber when I opened the machine. It has been making a funny noise for a couple weeks and something burned out finally. Hubbie usually fixes these things but has just been to busy to remember this. And I didn't think about it either until I heard it when I started the washer today. The final straw for this washer was when it took on a mind of its own this evening and filled itself with water,then absolutely died. We had to dip all the water out so we could move it away from the wall to unplug it.
Added to my "to do" list - buy new washing machine.
I have a visitor for a few days, he will sleep here at night.And will spend his days in Annie and Sadie's nighttime lot.It's sweet little "Flash", just look at that sweet face !!!!He wore himself out playing with Annie this afternoon. She is the youngest dog we have and surprisingly played well with him.
I was going to pick beans this evening but it started to rain just as I headed to the garden.
Guess God didn't want me doing that today !
The rain didn't last long and the ground under the trees still didn't get wet.
Hubbie built a hand rail for our front steps so son can get in and out without to much help.
I was going to pick up a rooster tonight also and decided not to do that in the misty rain either.
Hubbie and I rode out to Lowes, he needed to return a sliding screen door that won't fit our french doors and I went to look at washing machines.
Want to get really confused, just go look at all the different actions washing machines have now !!! After looking at all the machines and prices and tentatively picking out a cabrio type washer another lady that was also looking at the washers came around my way and I commented to her about the choices of machines. She looked at the machine I was looking at and said don't buy one of those, I have one and have had nothing but trouble from it. As she proceeded to tell me the problems she was having they made sense with the type operation it has. Sooooooo back to the drawing board !!!!!
Needless to say I did not buy a washer tonight, more research is definitely called for here. What happened to the good ole simple days when brand name was the only decision????
With nothing accomplished and back home I baked cakes for the remainder of the night.
Thanking God for His blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Marilyn.... I'm so glad that son had a good doctor's visit. I went to the doctor also yesterday --and got a good report on my knee.

We were predicted to get TONS of rain the past couple of days... They even had a flood watch out in our area... HA! We got 1/2 inch total.... NOTHING to write home about!!!! Darn... We need rain so much.

Good Luck buying a washing machine... Just give me a traditional one.. I don't need any of those fancy ones...