Monday, July 19, 2010


Today started off a little shakey for me,I must have eaten something yesterday that didn't set so well on my stomach or maybe, just sat in my stomach all night, anyway I wasn't feeling quite up to par early. But like many days in the past there is no calling in sick on a farm,the animals have to be fed and turned out for the day,the beans have to be picked and broke , so once again I sucked it up and got better!!
#1 son and g-son slept in until around 10:30 before coming here by 11:00 to meet his nurse.

After some chicken noodle soup for lunch I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening turning these...Into these.........................And these.........31 Quarts in all when I finished about 7 tonight.My canner which could qualify for antique status only holds 7 quarts, sometimes only 6 depending on the size of the jar. This old mirror canner belonged to my dad's 1st wife and my mom wouldn't use it. She had a double decker canner but it won't fit under my hood. I can still buy seals for this old canner at Ace Hardware stores so it just keeps on ticking. I have the pressure gauge checked and know it is a little high so I just adjust for it.

While I canned the last runs hubbie picked the remainder of the beans that escaped earlier because of a rain shower and came in with almost another bushel. They will have to wait for tomorrow.
All the dry weather didn't hurt the beans as much as I thought it did. The only thing I see is there are a lot of shelly beans in the jars,but we like them like that.
I want to try some "leather britches" but am wondering if these beans will lose their seeds as they dry?
These are 1/2 runners, I might have to get some blue lakes or some other bean with not so big a bean seed in them for drying.
I finished the evening baking several pound and wine cakes.
My left shoulder has been hurting all day with a burning type pain,I think it is coming from the nerve that I injured several years ago in my neck. It flared up when I was breaking beans,must have been the repetitive action.
Son had visits from his wound care nurse and physical therapist today and both were very positive about his improvements. He has eaten well and acts like he feels okay today.
Thanking God for His healing hand for son and me today,I'm so glad He is looking after things at my house !!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Wow---you really worked hard today.. That's ALOT of beans---and you have MORE.

I like Half Runners--but my favorite bean is a good pole bean... Love them!!!

What are Leather Britches???? My mother used to dry green beans in our attic and she made something that she called Shuck Beans. Is that the same thing???? They are SO good--and I haven't had them since I left home years ago.

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Gail said...

Magic! Turning all those green beans into winter bounty. They will taste so good when the days are colder and we have forgotten to humidity of summer.

Ardith said...

Ok, what are leather britches? Never heard of them. But green beans are my favorite vegetable. Wish I could do what you did. Looks great and will taste even better this winter. Good job!