Monday, July 26, 2010


Up extra early to take son to his 9:15 doctors appointment in Asheville,normally about 30 minutes would get you there but the road the office is on is closed this morning due to a broken water main so it will take longer to get there.
Thinking son would be up and ready hubbie and I left to go over to his house at 8:15. Weeelllll guess what son was still in bed and with one leg it is hard to hurry and get ready for anything. Soooooo we sat and waited,hubbie was going to get g-son up after we left and bring him over to our house for the day.
We wound up leaving at 8:50 and luckily we were only about 12 minutes late.
This was he first vascular doctor visit since his release from the hospital. After looking at the incision stitches he decided they needed another week before removal. Son talked to him about his pain management and he changed his medicine and told him if this one didn't work to give him a call back and he would change to something else. He didn't like the idea of the nerve block that the orthopedic dr. had made the appointment for and told son to cancel it and leave that as a last resort.
We left there and met hubbie and g-son at a shoe discount barn. Hubbie was looking for a pair of minnetonka moccasons and son wanted a pair of irish setter work boots. Both struck out and we left with only a pair of arch supports for me.
It is not quite as hot today but 92 is still plenty hot for me. It clouded up early afternoon and rain was all around again but just sprinkles for us.Everything seemed to be brighter today after the little bit of rain yesterday.Priceless expressions make wonderful memories.....
As both home health care nurses came this afternoon keeping son occupied and hubbie kept g-son occupied I worked on some more bonnets I had cut out week before last.
As I took a walk this evening I was greeted by this little fellow. I was startled by him even though he was not moving at all when I first saw him.I've always wondered why I get that adrenaline rush when I see a snake, I don't get that feeling when I see a lizard or a spider or any other creepy crawly thing, just snakes.
As I snapped pictures of this little guy as repulsed as I was with him I couldn't help but admire the beauty in the intricate designs of his scales. This little harmless Garter snake was allowed to go on his merry way after posing for my pictures.
Storms brewed for most of the evening creating some glorious photo ops in the sky.As the evening got later the humidity was smothering ,you could see it in the air as it look like a fog creeping closer and closer.I am so tired tonight from the early morning stressfulness and dealing with son in pain as he tries to get switched to the new medicine I'm foregoing baking cakes and going to bed early. I'd like to get my schedule changed to more early morning work instead of late night work.
I pray again for God's intervention into son's life as he deals with the aftermath of this injury.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, We were so disappointed today... Rains were literally all around us --and we had thunder. BUT--not one drop of rain here... I cannot believe that we continue to be missed... It gets discouraging to say the least.

Hope your son's pain med helps... I can only imagine what he is going through .... Then, when one doctor says one thing and another says something else--that makes it hard also.

Hope you get some good rest tonight. I know you have to be very tired.

Ardith said...

Love your cloud pictures! We had a thunder and lightening storm the other night, and just a little bit of rain. But it cooled down to 69!! Only for a moment though it seemed. Good luck with becoming a morning person! That's what I am and I love it. Lots of advantages!! Take care and God bless.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Love the pictures. I have to admit, I am terrified of snakes and I would have ran as fast as I could to get away from it.
God bless you my friend. Saying a prayer for your son now.