Friday, December 17, 2010


Boy how nice it is this morning to see the blue sky and abundant sunshine.
As I looked up the beautiful blue sky I first thought these white streaks were jet streams but there were so many of them crossing and going in all directions I decided they were cloud streaks,what do you think ?
The temperature was below freezing earlier this morning and there were quite a few accidents on the black ice but it is 9 am now and the temperature is 38 with no ice left hopefully on the roads.

This is my back yard this morning in the nice bright sunshine.

This is the same back yard less than a week ago,just last Sunday morning.
Gotta love this NC mountain weather,the old saying if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change sure rings true around here.
The only thing on the ground today was mud and it was everywhere and slick .
I iced the large order of caramel cakes this morning while I debated all morning whether to bake more or not. I got other orders this morning but with the weather prediction of possible snow in the morning I decided not to bake any more.
After lunch I headed to church to work. The conventional church group that meets at our church had the stage all set up for their Christmas play which they put on the next 3 nights.
After coming home I rested until Hubbie got off work and then we did the evening chores.
I refilled all the bird feeders so all my little feathered friends can fill their tummies just in case we do get bad weather tomorrow.
Daughter and d-in-love took g-son to a birthday party tonight,she came in and started her baking at 8:30. I'm glad I don't have anything to do tonight but ice coconut cakes.
I'm hosting Hubbie's side of the family at a Christmas dinner Sunday night.
It seems like Christmas is taking its time getting here to me this year and that is a good thing. I made a menu tonight and will shop tomorrow.
I used to try to do this on Saturday night after I had been at market all day and sometimes I actually got physically ill from the stress but having it on Sunday will make it enjoyable.
We didn't get to have it last year because of the snow storm so it'll be nice to have everyone over.
My sis-in-law's little niece that had the birthday tonight is coming because her mom has to work so I'm excited to get to go pick out a little girl gift tomorrow after market plus I need to get my new little nephew something else also.
Well,well,well just listened to the news and the weather man is now saying things have changed in the last few hours and it now looks like we will get accumulating snow tomorrow.
I said to Hubby tonight when we were outside that I thought it felt like snow was in the air !!!
Thankful to God tonight for a wonderful day filled with blessings.
Good Night and God Bless

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Hey Hey-----What's going on??? You had some BLUE skies????? Geee----we were cloudy and dreary ALL day long and the temps never got out of the 20's.... George was chopping and carrying wood --and he said that best thing to come out of the cold weather was that there was no MUD yet --since everything is still frozen.... ha

Have a good day tomorrow --and be careful in your snow if you get some. Don't think we'll get any or much....

Merry Christmas.