Friday, December 24, 2010


After morning chores Hubbie and I headed out to do our last minute errands.
Our first stop was at Ace Hardware across town, I wanted to talk with them about the Edenpure heater I had bought from there in November. I took it with us just in case they might be able to work on it. It is making a terrible rattling sound,when it first started I thought it was just vibration from sitting on the hard wood floor but it has gotten gradually worse. I love the way it heats but the noise makes me a little nervous that it might shut off in the middle of one of these cold nights.
They exchanged the heater because that was a common complaint with this new model. So now I have a brand new heater,yea.
Hubbie also got a couple gifts there and had them wrapped free. Not fair because I have to wrap all min tonight.
We stopped at Aldi for groceries ,CVS for some drops to put in my red eye (have no idea why I have this) then our last stop was Tractor Supply to finish Hubbie's shopping and I needed thistle seed for the finches.
We stayed on the back roads,I can only imagine what the main roads look like as there was a lot more traffic than usual on the back roads. We stood in long lines at checkout counters in every store we went in.
Glad to be home and done before lunch time!
After a light lunch we unpacked the new heater and started it up to make sure it works before tonight.
Hubbie went outside to work on a new bigger chick house for my silkie chicks that are quickly becoming teenagers and need more room. I was soon called on to assist him holding different things while he nailed.
While I was outside I went into the green house to check on the plants and watered them so I wouldn't have to open the door any during this next cold spell. There is still a lot of green on the plants that I put in there and it was warm as toast in there.
When I got back inside I made a vegetable pizza to have after candle light service tonight.
We did chores a bit early because Hubbie has to be at church early as the Deacon's have to serve the Lords supper and they need to be in place early.I had to grab my camera for this sunset picture,this may be the last blue sky we see for a few days and just look at all those sleigh tracks going every which way across the sky.
All the family made it this year to the service. #2 son has missed the last couple years because he was working but this year he got off in time.The church is always so beautiful this time of year.My 3 children and 1 grandchild all in a row on this blessed evening,thank you Lord.
After the service #2 son and daughter came here to eat a light late supper while #1 son's family went to his in-laws for their Christmas gathering.

After we ate and visited awhile both kids left and Hubbie and I did our wrapping.Okay, now we're ready !!!!
We are still getting snow tomorrow they say,exactly when no one seems to know,but all agree by tomorrow night we will have at least a couple inches of white Christmas on the ground. The last year we had at least an inch of snow on Christmas day was the year my first son was born 1981. I am so thankful all my family lives within walking distance.
So thankful tonight for the birth of our Blessed Savior.
Good Night, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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Stay warm and stay safe.