Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today started off with our Christmas Concert from the choir. It was postponed from last Sunday because of the snow.
They did a wonderful job and I enjoyed the music this year very much. Church ran long today as there were end of the year bonus's and other things to take care of and all of it got thrown into today.
After everyone left I had my late annual review with the preacher and building and grounds rep. I get to go pick out a new vacuum cleaner,yea !!!
It was so late daughter ran to Sam's Club and bought 2 large pizza's to cook for lunch.
After lunch everyone scattered and left Hubbie and I to get ready for the family gathering tonight.
I cooked all afternoon, I made a 7-layer salad, sweet potato casserole,deviled eggs,green beans, mashed potatoes,gravy and yeast rolls to go along with a sugar cured ham I was baking.
Sis-in-law is bringing corn, mac and cheese and dessert.

I sat out some snack foods for the early comers.The tables are both set.
The decorations are all lit up and waiting.G-son talking to uncle D in what he calls the Christmas house.My great nephew is all smiles on his first Christmas,he is one precious boy.Opening presents !!!Good food !!!

Family time.Togetherness.Dancing to Christmas music and just enjoying each other ,that's what this night was all about.
This side of our family has grown significantly in the past year,we are now up to 13 adults and 3 kids.
Now Christmas time takes on a new urgency for me,there's last minute shopping to be done and gifts to be wrapped and most importantly there is thanks to be given to God our father for sending His son into the world as the Savior for all man kind.
Daughter and I sent everyone home with several jars of our homemade jams and jellies tonight.
After all the food has been put away,dishes are in the dishwasher, Christmas lights are turned off, toys are picked up, and good-byes are said......................................................
A big SIGH!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A relieved sigh that all the food turned out good and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

A sad sigh because as this night is over I know it won't be long until it will be time to un-decorate !!

A happy sigh because of the glow of happiness on g-son face as he had a wonderful evening and is just vibrating with anticipation of Christmas.

A satisfied sigh because of the warm feeling of family love and togetherness.

A thankful sigh to the Lord for the rich blessings He has given me of a wonderful family and friends and the health to be able to enjoy such an evening.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Ardith said...

What a lovely post; about a lovely time with family; it makes my heart long for mine. Thank you for sharing it. And I've read your latest posts also -- you really need to slow down!
Take care and God Bless -
Greetings from Green Country this joyful Christmas Season!