Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hard at work early this morning to get everything done ahead of our shopping trip, daughter and I both did baking.
G-son came about 9 am and excitedly but patiently waited for the shopping trip,which included one of his favorite places.
Just as we were finishing up in the kitchen a man drove up the drive and I went outside to see what he wanted.
He said -" I'm looking for a place to dump the asphalt chips your husband wants".
Me -" What are you talking about?" as I noticed the big orange circle on his truck door only said commercial construction with no company name.
Him- "It's the same thing they use on public roads,we spread it on your drive and it hardens just like asphalt,you pay $1.80 a square foot".
Me- "Then why are you looking for a place to dump it?"
after a long pause he said- "I need to talk to your husband,where is he?"
Me- ( now really suspicious) " He will be here any minute"
Him- "Can I have his phone number?"
Me- "sure" giving him Hubbie's cell number.
He was dialing his phone as he left.
In just a couple of minutes my phone was ringing and Hubbie was saying to make sure that guy was gone off our property and was not trying to break in at either son's house because he was surely not truthful about his reason for being here.
As I headed down to check on both son's house's,Hubbie was telling me that the guy told him he had talked to me and I said I wanted the asphalt chips on the driveway.
Luckily #2 son was off work today and was home ,but said the guy didn't stop there.
Hubbie's thinks he was scoping the place out to see if anyone was home.
I was nervous about leaving but #2 son was going to be around and said he would keep a look out this afternoon.
Daughter ,g-son and I headed for Brevard, a quaint little town in the next county.
They have an Opie Taylor's toy store that g-son loved.
They had this huge race track set up and g-son had a blast racing one of the cars around the curvy track with the other boys that were there.
Pure joy , this huge track was on sale for $229, which to me if you had a big room to put it in would have surely been a dream gift. Needless to say we did not buy it!
But we did use it the rest of the afternoon for incentive to keep g-son well behaved by promising another visit before we left for home.
In one of the stores we went in the cashier had a dancing,musical Santa hat that really caught g-son's attention. So much so that she let him wear it for a while. It must of had a vibration when it moved because the whole time g-son had it on his head he stood frozen.
He came out of each store with mouth and pockets full of goodies,but who could blame the clerks in the stores after he flashed this irresistable smile.
Each time we are in down town we always have to have a hot dog at Rocky's,they are so good.They have preserved a lot of the vintage soda shop and drug store that was here for years.The date on this picture is 1942.G-son sat in their vintage dining area watching modern day Spong Bob on a vintage TV.By the look on his face you can tell he was ready to get back to the toy store.He got his same orange car and yes we were late getting home!!!

As we headed back we made a couple stops for baking supplies tonight as we both have gotten several orders while we were enjoying our shopping day.
Hubbie had a pot of pinto beans and a cake of cornbread ready for supper when we got here.
Daughter and I have played musical kitchen all evening ,taking turns baking and icing,we finished about midnight,whew!!!
The weather was beautiful today for an outing, it was light jacket weather and sunny but tonight the wind is howling and it is going to get into the mid 20's overnight.
Giving thanks tonight for another wonderful fun filled day in this season of the birth of our Savior.
Good Night , God Bless and Merry Christmas.


Gail said...

What a wonderful day...making memories.

Country Mouse Studio said...

what a sweetie he is, you have such busy days