Sunday, December 26, 2010


Thankfully the power was still on when we got up this morning.
Not the 12" we were predicted to get but close enough for me.
The back yard this morning compared to yesterday as seen below.
Memories of ice cold drinks while sitting at this table were surely distant today.
Even with all the problems a snow fall like this create,the beauty and serenity of it is something to behold.
The snow clings to this tree as if the gloved hands of God surround it in warmth.
The sun did its best to peak out from behind the clouds,but was never quite successful. This flock of birds I'm sure were hoping for some warm sunshine as they flew by.
The road by our place doesn't look very safe today and probably won't for a while with the temperatures dropping throughout the day headed close to single digits tonight.Hubbie was out scraping the snow off our drive again today.

To catch up some on yesterday here are my Christmas presents from the kids. Like I said last year they all know me very well and know what I would like.
This year again I'm thrilled with their choices.Here I have a starbucks ( keep my tea warm at market) cup, a bag of spice tea mix (that I almost bought last week), an Amish book of jam recipes ( already picked out a couple I'm definitely trying), and a bird dictionary ( boy I would have loved to have had this on our beach trip).Here is a lantern bird feeder (how cool is that) already put bird seed in it but didn't hang it out because of the wind tonight, an electric fragrance warmer ( already have it going) mmmmm,it smells wonderful.
Like I said I love,love, love my gifts, thanks kids !!!
In other catch up news from yesterday,thankfully the weather didn't stop the Bounty of Bethlehem dinner which feeds the homeless as well as the lonely. My brother and his wife have served at this event the last 2 years and here they are yesterday.Here they are on the right ,the red headed smiling lady and the man in the white cap as they fill plates for the hungry guest who also braved the weather.It still looks like Christmas outside my house and probably will for a while !!!Just took a large order for cakes to be picked up Wednesday,I'm hoping I can get out tomorrow to pick up supplies.
This has been a day to stay inside and drink hot tea and make photos of my feathered friends as they flock to the feeders. I noticed a couple that I've not seen here before.Even with the help of my new bird book I could not find this one.Maybe some of you bird experts can shed some light for me, thanks.I thought this was some type of sparrow,but now I'm not sure ,he has this orange spot under his chin.He was nice enough to stretch his neck to show the spot to me.

After chores this evening we bundled up and walked across the hill to #1 son's house for supper. D-in-love made a delicious mexican soup in the crock pot and a cake of corn bread,yummmyyyy !!!!! G-son was glad to show off all his new toys while we were there.
The wind was whipping as we made our way back through the darkness using the white glow from the snow covered ground to find our way home. The wind is blowing so hard tonight it has been picking up things on the front porch and slamming them around. I'm amazed we still have our electric. The gust are up around 60 mils an hour , the temperature at 11:00 is 20 degrees. We have fires in both wood stoves tonight just in case we do lose power.
A lazy evening of TV was on the agenda for this evening and I've enjoyed the rest.
Very thankful to God tonight for a blessed day where we are warm and comfortable,
prayers go out tonight for the folks who don't have these things,
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Sound like the perfect celebration. You were very blessed and so is your family.

You can keep the snow...we had flurries but no snow yet.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Don't know what your birds are.... I'm sure you will find out ---with that new BIRD book... What a nice gift...

You all got alot more snow than we did.. We may have gotten 5 inches total --most of it yesterday... We missed the one you got --which was a heavy, wet snow which I love since it clings to everything. Ours was that cold, dry stuff.... It has been extremely cold for 2 days. Oh Well...

Looks like it's going to warm up this week --and then RAIN.... (I'd rather have the snow!!! ha)


Paula said...

Goodness- you all got a lot more snow than we did!
Love your little lantern bird feeder- that is adorable. And your little birdie does look like a song sparrow - we see them alot in the winter... they will clean up the leftover chicken feed the hens leave laying on the ground.