Saturday, December 11, 2010


Made it to market on time today with the help of Hubbie who is my carrier on Saturdays.
We were busy all day ,daughter came in about an hour after we got there and it was a good thing she was there after Hubbie left.She found some dried gourds that I had raised years ago in that old shed we tore down several weeks ago. She drilled holes in them and put in some decorations,I think they are pretty. If they don't sell for decorations she can sell them as bird houses.
Hubbie had some errands to run to get all the animal food stocked up, then he wanted to start working on our huge log pile.
This is one of two piles of logs from the triple oak tree we had taken down in October. This picture was taken in October,today was not t-shirt weather although the temperature got up to a balmy 48 under the clouds.
#2 son helped him saw and split a load of wood this afternoon.
After market daughter did some shopping and came home to wrap packages. Good for her I do not have not one package wrapped yet!!
I stopped at 2 thrift shops looking for plates to make bird feeders from. I sold 4 feeders today and only have 1 left to sell.
I stopped at Aldi and Walmart and made it home around 4:00. Daughter helped me unload as Hubbie was still working on his wood pile.
I cleaned my smaller chicks pen partially because I left the manure in the part they sleep in as chicken manure creates heat and I think they are going to need some heat this next week.
This is what our next week looks like according to our local weather man,brrrrrrr!!!!!!
After a hot dog supper Hubbie and I watched UNC Tarheels b-ball game ,they won but it was a close game.

My decade pictures for 1970 in December were few,actually I only found these 2 .I remember this Christmas well ! Just before the holiday break from school we had a basketball game at one of the Asheville High Schools. I went up for a shot and caught an elbow from an opposing player just above my right eye. The whistle blew and a foul was called,I walked to the foul line and looked around at the surprised faces of the other players. I wiped what I thought was sweat running down my face into my eye only to discover it was blood. The referee came running with a towel and escorted me off the court. My parents were there and they took me straight to the hospital for stitches. I don't remember how many I got but I still have a nasty scar just barely hidden by my eyebrow.
By the way check out those red shoes !!! I don't remember if I ever tried clicking those heels together or not ?????I have to chuckle at those "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees, but when I grew up buying a tree was unheard of . We always scouted our property for weeks ahead of time to find the perfect tree. I remember some years those misshapen trees had to be turned and turned to find the best side !!
It mostly didn't matter as long as we had a tree because there was no extra family that came for the holidays. As long as we liked the trees that's all that mattered and we never knew any different way of having a tree while we grew up.
I never really thought about the fact that we must have had 2 trees in our house back then. The house had 2 living rooms because of additions my dad did to the house and we had a tree in each part.
That knotty pine paneling on the walls came from the trees on the property. That old phone table in the background of the second picture now sits in my living room.
I wonder if there were Christmas morning pictures?? If there were I've never seen them,I guess my mother wasn't much of a picture taker.
Thankful for memories and for the chance to make memories for my kids and grandkids.
Thankful for the season of our dear Savior's birth.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, This is one week that I think our temps are even going to be a little lower than yours. One night our low is 7 degrees and the high is about 18... This is a FRIGID front coming. We should get some snow tomorrow. They have us under a Winter Snow WARNING...

Glad you had a good day at the market. Those gourds are cute... I've seen them used as bird feeders alot. NEAT...

Love your pictures in the 70's. Christmas trees were quite different then, weren't they???? I remember that my folks always cut down a cedar tree back then.. It was sticky --but it smelled wonderful.

Have a great Sunday and stay WARM.

Gail said...

I love gourds. I like to dremil a scene on them and then stain the gourd.

Stay warm.