Saturday, December 25, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 !!!!!!!

Woke early to the start of a historical white Christmas morning. Yes snow was falling on this Christmas morning,a lot of snow, not just the 2-5" they predicted either!Morning chores where a blurr and the chickens were not happy with the white stuff at all.
This is the back yard at about 11:00 this morning.
This female Cardinal perches in these branches starting to get cover with the snow.
Note the amount of snow on the top of the bird feeder at 11 am.

Here is that same feeder with an Eastern Towhee having a snack at 1 pm , 2 hours later.This little Sparrow is almost hiden in the snow covered branches of these branches now.Here is that same feeder at 3 pm with this Titmouse and Sparrow sharing dinner.
It has snowed hard all day so far.This was the total at 3 pm as the snow kept falling and is still falling tonight,now they are saying a foot of snow for us.It totally looked like a winter wonderland outside this afternoon.Hubbie tried to scrape some of the heavy, slick snow off the drive before the really cold temperatures set in and freeze it solid.G-son came over this afternoon and had fun trying out his new sled.Snowball fighting with his Aunt T.More sledding !!! Look out Sadie !!!!
Snowman building and knocking down !!!!
And after a delicious Christmas dinner of smoked turkey and fixins guess what time it was?????
He couldn't get the paper off his presents fast enough!!!!
And now just what to play with first as uncle D and aunt T are the putter togetherers tonight.
This has been a magical Christmas day,with record breaking snowfall and a wonderful time with family, thank you God for these blessings.
If you read my blog you may remember about a month ago I talked about working on Christmas presents. Well I the many hours I spent on these gifts were well worth it tonight when each of my kids opened their memory collage blankets. I sorted through old photos for hours trying to pick 30 from each childs life that would give the best memories. I sent them in to Walmart's photo site and am very impressed with the quality of the photos printed on the fleece blankets.This is a picture of daughter's.
#1 son said he didn't want to use his, he wanted to frame it.
I received some wonderful gifts myself and will post about them tomorrow since this post is running so long.
I took so many beautiful pictures of the birds in the snow today I'll have to have a whole post to show them off.This Cardinal looks like he is eating snow.
It is 30 degrees and still snowing at 11:45 tonight.
I truly pray that all of my blog readers had a wonderful Christmas and were able to stay safe and warm and out of the storm.
I hope all your Christmas wishes came true and you were as blessed as I have felt today.
Thankful most of all to our loving Lord for sending His son to save us all from our sins.
Good Night, God Bless and Merry Christmas.


Gail said...

Merry Christmas!

Ardith said...

Take care and God Bless
from Green Country.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, You all REALLY got slammed with snow this year, didn't you??? We only got about an inch on Christmas Day --but even that was pretty... However, we have had snow almost constantly since Christmas morning --and now have at least 6 inches... It's snowed more today than yesterday.... SO PRETTY---but horribly COLD.

The bad news is that two of my sons were coming for Christmas ---but didn't get here due to the snow and ice... None of us has a 4-wheel drive. Oh Well--I was disappointed --but can't do a thing about it....

Happy New Year.