Monday, December 27, 2010


Woke up about 6 am to howling wind, slamming sounds and one thud that shook the house. We knew that was a tree down somewhere and probably a big one. After laying there waiting for daylight so we could check out the damage ,Hubbie talked to #2 son who was trying to get to work and finding all the roads blocked with drifted snow and stuck vehicles.
He finally made it after following a large truck who pushed through a 3 foot snow drift.
I haven't heard the wind blow that hard since the blizzard of 1993.
Speaking of #2 son, I asked him later if I could borrow that rabbit's foot that he sleeps with.
This is a tree that blew over at his house.
Unbelievably missing everything and falling about 4 feet short of his house,whew !!! The limbs even caught it enough that it didn't even tear his fence down.
We knew this was not the tree we heard fall and continued to look until we found a huge oak tree that had broken off 1/2 way up and came crashing down in the woods between #1 son and us.

The blowing snow look like a blizzard and it was drifting in places up to 3 feet deep. Most of the roads around us were closed at one time of another this morning with drifted snow.
Snow tornadoes were everywhere and I was wishing it wasn't so cold so I could stay outside and make more pictures but my face was starting to hurt along with my gloved hands and booted feet.
Thanking the Lord tonight that no one was injured ,nothing fell directly on any buildings and we kept our power all through this wind and cold.
Today was not a fit day outside for man nor beast so I sat in the sunroom and watched the wind blow all sorts of limbs,leaves and anything else that wasn't tied down on top of the nice white snow.
Everyone has cabin fever already now and so in the warmest (27 degrees) part of the day everybody got a ride to town. Hubbie and I made a short trip to Ingles for my baking supplies, daughter's b-friend's parents picked her up for a short trip to Walmart,
#1 son's family headed to Walmart. Everyone got back before 5 and before the temperatures started to drop because the road we live on is very icy still after many trips by DOT today.
G-son came over to sled some after the wind stopped blowing.
It's never good to fall off the sled half way down the hill.
Sleds will leave without you.........
And then you gotta run down the hill as well as......
Climb back up the hill carrying the sled !!!!!
There is still a lot of snow on the ground,all the dark spots in these pictures are limbs and leaves that blew out of the woods above our yard.
After everyone left I blogged awhile and then set about baking cakes for my orders for Wednesday and Thursday. My holiday break is over !!!!
Tonight is suppose to be the coldest night of this cold snap 10 degrees but thankfully the wind isn't blowing.
Now I know the sun must have felt good today but somehow this just doesn't look very comfortable to me but Annie layed here long enough that I looked to she if she had melted through the snow when she got up.
Sitting here tonight at the computer with only the sound of typing sounds unbelievably good after last night.
So very very thankful for the grace of God tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Scary, Marilyn ... We never had anything that severe here. We did have some wind and drifting --and we had the horribly low temperatures... But- no blizzard nor that much wind.... Wooooo---I'm glad you all are all okay... Glad you didn't lose your electricity also.

Hope this weather starts to improve soon.

Gail said...

Your pictures are so beautiful while your weather is not.

I have had none of this but long for spring already.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Glad you are ok my friend. The wind was strong here too. I have never heard of snow tornados before. They sound interesting. Be careful up there.

Paula said...

Wow- that was a very close call! Glad nothing (or no one!) got hurt.
The sledding looks like so much fun!