Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Got a lead to this from another blogger friend and just had to share. I only wish I could have been there and joined in !!! What a glorious way to honor the birth of Jesus.

The temperature was 16 this morning again as I tried to get water to all the animals.
I iced caramel cakes this morning,then dusted and cleaned the floors.
After lunch I delivered the 12 cake order and did a little shopping. A good place to meet out of town customers is Bloomfield's Dish Barn, it is a popular place and right beside the interstate.
Today after my customer got her cakes I decided along with her to go inside.
They started out just selling dishes and had an outside lot full of gardening clay pots of all sizes.
Now you can't move in the place, they have expanded their product line to every thing you can imagine,2 floors of jammed,crammed everything you could ever want except clothing. 2 people cannot pass in the narrow isles. I fought my way around and of course found a couple things I could not live without,you know me and a bargain !!!
When I got home the temperature had finally climbed above freezing,if you can call 33 above freezing,at least there was no wind for the first time in several days.
I bundled up and headed out to re-water and gather eggs before they froze and determined to get all my outside lights powered up.
After a couple hours of crawling,untangling,checking lights,plugging in,unplugging,more checking lights, finally they are all up and, VOILA!!!!!!!!
My favorite,this old nativity scene sprung to life once again,usually I put it on the ground but the ground is so frozen I decided to hang it on the back of this tool shed so it could be seen from the highway.
I usually have more outside decorations but this year I'm slacking so this is going to be it.
Same story in the front of the house. A friend of mine in high school was outside putting up her lights last weekend and fell,not only did she break her leg she went into cardiac arrest while they were fixing her leg.
That news took a lot of the desire to climb around and put up lights right out of me this year.
Tonight while daughter did her baking I did paperwork and payed bills. I discovered that November's month end work is not done yet,someone has been slacking !!!!! I won't mention any names !!!!!
It didn't get done tonight either as I got a late cake order and had to go back to the ovens.
I have coconut cakes to ice tonight as well.
It is 25 degrees at 11:30 tonight,maybe that's good news for tomorrow.
Thanking God for blessings tonight and for sending us His son.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Your outside lights are so pretty... I just love outside decorations. IF we have time, I want to drive around the community to see who all has lights out this year. I enjoy seeing the decorations.

It's supposed to warm up the next couple of days--and then another cold front with snow is coming. All of this cold and snow really helps me get into the Christmas spirit for sure...

You are really making the cakes... Guess people are having lots of Christmas parties.... NEAT!!!!

Have a great day.