Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In remembrance of December 7,1941 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
A 93 year old Navy Pearl Harbor survivor spoke today at a gathering to honor the veterans of this time in history.

Another very cold morning as I fought to get all the animals a drink before the water froze again. On these days I have to make several trips carrying water from inside the house at different times during the day so everything gets water.
I checked out the woods above the garden for downed trees but didn't see any. The wind blew the hardest of the season last night,I was afraid we would loose power on such a cold night. Thank the Lord we didn't.
I started laundry and then baked cakes,I have a large order of 12 peach wine cakes to deliver tomorrow right after lunch.
I intermittently baked, did laundry and housecleaned all day today.
I got all the laundry done,all my cakes baked and cleaned the bathrooms and got the other rooms all picked up. Tomorrow I will do all the floors.
When Hubbie got home from work we headed outside to put more bedding in the dog houses and give extra feed,tonight is supposed to be even colder than last but at least the wind has died a bit for now anyway.The bird feeders had a crowd around them all day. This flock of Doves clean up all the spilled seeds.Sparrows are good ground cleaners also as this little White Throat Sparrow looks for his favorite snack.He was joined by this Fox Sparrow,you can't see it in this picture but this birds tail is a really reddish brown color, hence his name.Not sure the identity of this one, I'm guessing some type of Warbler. Ideas welcome .Mr. Cardinal looks too cold to eat !!

After supper of left over b-b-que and baked sweet potato Hubbie and I worked on some more of our bird feeders.Drilling glass jars and plates is a tedious job. We've sold 1 out of the first 3 we made.
Tonight we made 3 more but 2 of them were made from plates daughter bought and she is giving them as Christmas presents. We drilled all things to make 2 more but ran out of long screws and washers. Hubbie will pick up some tomorrow and I'll have 3 more to take to market to sell.
Icicles are everywhere , sure signs of the extremely cold weather we are having.A fire at a nearby apartment complex in the early morning hours left icicles everywhere after the fire was out. Luckily no one got hurt.
Giant icicle !!!!Yes it is cold !!!!
At 11:00 tonight it is 17 outside. Tomorrow is supposed to get to 33 and if it does that will be the first above freezing temperature since last Saturday.
Thankful tonight to be blessed with a warm home.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very cold here too, Marilyn. We finally got about 1/2 of an inch of snow yesterday morning... Pretty ---but just makes me yearn for more. They say we may get another bit of snow and cold temps this coming weekend.

This morning's low here was 13 --and it's only supposed to be in the upper 20's today... Gads---that is too cold.. Glad I am feeding my birdies. Looks like your feeders are busy also.

Take care and stay WARM....