Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Another cold morning, 14 degrees at 8:30,brrrrr !!!
After chores I spent the morning icing cakes,wondering if market will open Thursday?
Got 12 caramel cakes iced before lunch for the order on Wednesday.
Started laundry,nasty weather makes for extra laundry plus 2 loads left from last week.
G-son came over while his dad and mom went to sell his ton truck and pick up another vehicle for him to drive.
Daughter's b-friend came over for a while and the 3 of them had a ball building a huge snowman.
Roll down hill, since we are in the pasture you have to watch where you put your hands !!
Fill in any holes.....
Starting another ball....
More filling and shaping.....
Finishing touches !!!!
We still have plenty of snow around here even after a sunny 38 degree day.
After everyone left this afternoon I continued laundry and finally finished the last load tonight at 8:00.
Now I'm off to ice 6 more caramel cakes before the Carolina b-ball game at 9.
For a nice change I really enjoyed the game,they played well and won.
Thankful tonight that God loves us and shows us everyday !
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Now that was a neat looking snowman, Marilyn... I'm sure YOU taught them how to do it!!!! Bet you and I have made a number of snowmen in our days!!!!! ha

We warmed up above freezing today --although it was about 11 degrees when we first got up... Tomorrow it will be warmer --and rain is on the way...That will probably melt most of our snow. The sun melted some of it today --but where there is shade, there is still lots of snow.

Have a good day tomorrow.