Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Wow,it feels down right nice out here this morning,no wind and mid twenties,aaaahh !!!
I can't decide what to bake this morning with the weather predicting more ice or snow for tonight.
I picked up and dusted the house while I pondered and finally decided I would only ice some caramel cakes this morning and wait for an update on the forecast.
I did some housecleaning after lunch and went outside to check all my decorations,they all still light up after I straightened and picked them up.
I heard noises down on the highway and thought someone had an accident but it was the power company removing some old poles that had been standing beside the new ones for years. I couldn't help but wonder why they would chose now for this job !
I spent some time going through old pictures today,trying to get ready for the major organization that I'm planning after Christmas when things slow down for me.
I found some pictures from December 1980 for my decade pics.Hubbie and I stand beside our Christmas tree. Hubbie has on the sweater that I monogrammed for him.
My niece has a birthday in December,here she is holding up the jumpsuit I made for her on her 3rd birthday that year.
We always spent part of Christmas day with Hubbie's grandparents pictured here in 1980.This is my side of the family,unfortunately this was my dad's last Christmas with us. Here he doesn't look like he has a care in the world,holding that straw hat that he wore year round.In less than a month from when this photo was taken on Christmas day he would have a stroke which would set in motion a string of events that would end his life in the following July.Others in the picture are my 2 brothers and their wives, my mom and my cousin that came to live with us after his mom died and Jaque the poodle.
After listening to the 6:00 news I decided to bake some cakes for tomorrow and Hubbie and I made some more bird feeders for me to take.
I did weekly paperwork and payed bills after bagging Avon orders and stamping books.
I'm all ready to go in the morning if the roads are clear.
Market runs on the school schedule ,if they are closed the market is closed.
As I sit here typing this I can hear sleet beating the window beside me.It is 30 degrees at midnight. I wonder what the morning will bring ????
Lord look after the early morning drivers who head out to work,keep them safe on the slick roads.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Stay warm and safe, we can hope winter will leave early.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Love your 1980's pictures... Isn't it wonderful to look at old pictures? And --oh how things have changed in our lives since then.

We had some ice last night which turned to rain during the night... Don't know about the roads around here today (luckily, we don't have to go out), but there's no damage to any limbs or power lines, etc... Hope you are okay today..

Right now, it's gloomy and foggy and drizzly... But --the temps are in the 40's (heat wave)...

I'll pray for you all to be SAFE today.

Paula said...

Very sweet pictures... sometimes it's wonderful to take a walk down memory lane by looking at old pictures, even though it's bittersweet....