Thursday, December 30, 2010


Market was slow today, probably because there is so much ice and snow left around town no one wants to chance falling.
This is what the market parking lot looked like at about 10:30. We were all wondering where the sunny upper 40's day was as the clouds hung thick all day and when I left market at noon leaving daughter with it the temperature in the van was 37.
I ran my regular errands and got home at 1:30 so Hubbie and I could get the new chick house in place. It took us almost 2 hours to get it done and them moved into it so no time for pictures today.
We hurriedly got ready to go to the visitation and funeral of our neighbor that passed on Christmas morning.
We had to park and walk a long way to the small Mausoleum chapel where the service was to be held. By the time we made our way through the line and spoke to all the family there were no seats left to sit through the service, so we decided to come on home rather than stand. This would give me plenty of time to cook for the dinner we were hosting at church for the family after the service.
Everyone is always so appreciative of these dinners,it makes all the preparation and work well worth it.

Thought I would recap this month tonight since I'll be recapping the entire year tomorrow.
December has been a topsy turvy month in the weather department for sure.

The month started out with a major flood that pushed our fences down.
Weather turns brutally cold freezing even waterfalls and rivers all over WNC.
On the 12th we got an unexpected almost 5" of snow to top off the Christmas decorations.
Had a wonderful month of church activities, shopping trips, family gatherings and all the excitement Christmas time brings, especially with a 4 year old running around.
An historic Christmas day snow storm dropped 9" of the white stuff,we felt so lucky all our kids live within walking distance to our family Christmas on Christmas day evening.
Mother Nature gave us the gift of a magical wonderland for Christmas this year for a couple days.
On the following Monday morning after a night of 60 mph wind gust that downed trees and closed roads with massive 3 feet plus snow drifts the sun finally came out and we felt lucky again to have retained our power all through the wind.
This month has been a pretty routine, get ready for the holidays month for me. Hubbie and I both found a new dentist and are in the process of getting our smiles redone. I got an all clear report from the dermatologist and have had fairly busy market sales for the month.
#1 son is limping around with the use of a cane, still in a lot of pain but got a good report from the vascular surgeon. Has acquired a lawyer to reapply for disability.

D-in-love's photo business has picked up through the holidays and that has been a blessing to go along with her other 2 part time jobs.

G-son has been vibrating all month with the excitement of Christmas and has been a joy to be around.

#2 son has been working 6 days a week at the PO delivering all the Christmas mail.

Daughter has been enjoying her Christmas break form the school she works at as well as doing some dog sitting and baking. We had fun on our yearly shopping trips.

Hubbie has decided to extend #1 son's workshop to double it's size so they can have a combined work area instead of buying a new out building as we had planned ,saving about $2000.

On this New Year's Eve eve I have enjoyed reminiscing back over this enjoyable month.I am humbly thankful to God for the blessings the days of December have brought and prayerfully get ready to experience what He has in store for me in 2011.
Good Night, God Bless and Happy New Year.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great recap of the month, Marilyn.... The weather has certainly brought us all a little bit of everything. We are now expected to have huge rain storms and maybe even some severe weather tonight and tomorrow. Gads!!!

Sorry about the death right here at Christmastime. Glad you could help with the meal. That does mean alot to the families.

Happy New Year.