Monday, December 6, 2010

Dancing Santa - B-boy Santa Sneak Attack in Asheville, NC

Santa is getting in shape for his all night run in a couple of weeks !!!!!
I did think this was an interesting advertising gimmick for Asheville??????

Cold,cold day. Again blowing snow but no accumulation here,only 28 degrees for the high today with a wind that would blow your hat off all day !!A lot of roads in all the counties north of us looked like this and schools were closed today.
But not in our county,just cccccccold !!!!!
I feel sorry for the chickens and cattle tonight,it is 18 at 11:00 and the wind is blowing harder now than it has all day.
I had to take some baking pans out to the chickens for waterers this morning so I could keep dumping the ice and refilling them a couple times during the day so they could get water to drink.
They were all in their houses ready to be shut up this evening.
The chill factor tonight is well below zero,I just pray no trees get blown down on anything tonight.
Hubbie rode along with me this morning as I delivered Avon orders and we did some shopping along the way.
G-son came over this afternoon and played under my Christmas tree with the musical Christmas toys and some wooden reindeer I have set up as decorations. He calls this the Christmas house!!!
That makes all the work of putting up all the decorations worth it!!
I still haven't finished the outside but with this wind the ones that are up keep blowing all around so it's best just to wait until this storm passes.
After g-son left and the outside chores were done as I snuggled with Bernie and Dolly on the couch under a blanket I could hardly keep my eyes open. When it's this cold it wears me out just trying to keep warm while I get things done outside.
There is beauty even when the weather is extreme as this sunset over my community tonight proves.
I watched the birds flock to the feeders today to get their tummies full to better fend of the frigid night wind.
Hubbie went up to church to help down the stage for the childrens play yesterday.
Praying for all the people and animals outside on this night,may they be kept warm with the love of Jesus in their hearts.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

The Christmas House, I like that!

Stay warm and safe.

Patty H. said...

What a beautiful sunset!! It is a very windy 16* here this morning. Snow but not much has stuck.
Dread having to go out in a bit.
Patty H.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Love the Dancing Santa video... Very creative!!!!!!

We have had snow here for about 2-3 days now --but not until this morning did we get any accumulation.. We finally got quite a bit of snow --and have between 1/2 inch and an inch here. It's so pretty --when the ground gets white. BUT--they say it will finally quit today --but will stay cold. Our low last night was about 13 I think.. I always worry about the animals and birds who have to live in this frigid stuff.... My bird feeders have been extremely busy this morning (actually, all week)...

Be careful out there in this frigid weather.