Thursday, December 16, 2010


Woke to a ringing phone at 6:20 this morning, schools are opening on a 2-hour delay. Hubbie had gone to work so I figured the roads must not be that bad. As I layed there trying to go back to sleep the scanner came to life suddenly with accidents everywhere,even a bad roll over on our road just up from our place. I kept waiting for the phone to ring again closing schools and then I would know market would be closed.
By 8 am no call had come and the accidents had slowed down,I looked at the thermometer and it was 36 degrees. I went outside to feed the chickens and dogs and it was misting rain,but things seemed to be thawing a bit.Icy road victim, glad I wasn't expecting anything to be delivered by Fed-Ex today!!!!
I made it to market on time without seeing much ice except in a couple of shaded places on the road I live on.
The thermometer in the van said 42 by the time I got to market and all the snow and ice in the parking lot had turned liquid but it was a pretty vacant lot.
Sales were almost non-existent for a while,but I looked up and spoke to a man stopped at my table and then realized it was a friend who I hadn't seen in several years and I knew he had battled throat cancer and a heart attack since I had seen him. After a hug we reminisced for quite a while,it was so good to hear that he was doing so well.
Then one of my distant cousins came in to pick up his wife's order and we talked and caught up on family for a while. So even with business slow I had a very good day.
I left market and ran regular errands,it feels nice ,I actually took my coat off and left it in the car. It is 46 degrees on my way home at 4:00.
It is very cloudy this evening so darkness came early and it was totally dark by the time I finished evening chores.
Spent a relaxing evening snuggled with Bernie and Dolly.
I got in bed extra late last night and then woke early so I'm looking forward to a non-eventful night tonight.
It is still 42 degrees at 11:30 tonight.
Thankfully the weathermen are lessening the bad weather predictions for Saturday.
I can't stop yawning so I'm outta here!!
Thankful today for God's protective grace for my family.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We had the same situation here yesterday... ICY in the morning (schools closed here though) and then up to almost 50 degrees during the day....

We got enough rain and then with the warmer temperatures, most all of our snow has melted...

They were talking about another front coming through this weekend --but said that it was going to go east of us. SO--does that mean that you will get more snow???????

Whatever you do today, have a wonderful day.