Monday, December 20, 2010


As I go through another day where the temperature struggles to get above freezing I think what a cold December this has truly been. When temperature averages for this time of year are high's in the upper 40's to low's in the upper 20's this year's December has surely not been a normal one.
Just how cold has it been this month????
These 2 pictures are of a icy French Broad River in Marshall,NC .
This is the frozen Swananoa River in Buncombe county,NC.
The frozen Little Tennessee River in Macon county,NC.
In Spruce Pine,NC the Toe River was completely frozen.
A waterfall in the Sunburst section of Haywood county,NC.
These photos were all sent into the local TV station by viewers in the last 2 weeks.

Out in the cold to deliver several Avon orders this morning before going to pick up baking supplies.
I got home after lunch and baked all afternoon while g-son was playing with the new toys he got at last night's party.
He was so cute today, he opened another box of candy canes and arranged them in the candy bowl,he said for next Christmas party.
When his dad came in and ask him who was coming Friday night ,he said his friend K who was here last night.
After a supper of left overs with #1 son's family and #2 son I iced my cakes for tomorrow.
Daughter was holding an open gym for her basketball teams tonight.
Now she is in the kitchen finishing her baking.
Tonight is going to be another cold night 31 at 10:30 and headed for the mid 20's.
At least they now think the ice/snow for tomorrow is going north of us.
Market Tuesday tomorrow for a change.If you are awake between 1 and 3 am tonight maybe you can catch a glimpse of the Lunar Eclipse that is going to take place on this winter solstice for the first time since the year 1638. I noticed this evening when I was doing chores the moon as it was just starting to rise was as orange color.
Unfortunately the clouds have moved in and covered the moon now so even if I was up at that time of the morning I couldn't see the eclipse at my place.For this eclipse to occur on the winter solstice is a very rare occurrance that might not happen again for another 2000 years.

Thanking God for the birth of our Savior.
Good Night and God Bless and Merry Christmas.


Gail said...

Way too cold for me!

The cold did gift you with amazing pictures.

I missed the eclipse!!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

brrr yes lovely pictures