Friday, December 10, 2010


A little warmer this morning,I actually put water in the chickens regular waterers.
The birds were swooping around to let me know they were out of seed. They are so funny when they do this,when I walked into the sunroom to get the seed one few against the screen on one of the windows as if to say "hey you can't just go inside,we need food".
After filling all the feeders I watched the birds come from almost every direction. I know they must sit in the trees and bushes just waiting for the feeders to be refilled.
I baked cakes for a couple orders I have and then placed my Avon order online while they were in the ovens.
After lunch I headed to church to work a little early because g-son is coming to spend the evening with us while #1 son and d-in-love celebrate their 5th anniversary.
5 years ago tonight this was where we were. Our family grew by 1 that night and by another 1 less than a year later.

I met #1 son and got g-son then we went back to church to play for a little while on the play ground as this is going to be the warmest afternoon, 46 degrees, for as far as the forecast can be seen.
We played until his hands got cold from touching the metal bars and we came home to warm up.
#2 son came up and brought Flash his basset hound to give him his monthly heart worm pill and he played with g-son while Flash played with Annie and Sadie.
Hubbie and I took turns doing our chores so g-son didn't have to be out in the cold and he wasn't complaining about staying in the warm house.
We had supper and relaxed to enjoy g-son for the evening.
Daughter did her baking and then left for a dog sitting job.
Son came after g-son and said they were going with some friends to Dollywood tomorrow.
G-son will love that,especially going with one of his little friends to ride the rides with.
After they left I iced caramel and coconut cakes and got everything wrapped for tomorrow,maybe we can be on time tomorrow.
All the weather prognosticators have varying opinions on ho much snow we are going to get starting maybe tomorrow night or Sunday but they all agree on one thing ,it is going to get even colder than we have been, single digits at night and this is after the snow falls.
Could get very interesting around here! Can't help but think about last year!On Dec. 18th last year we got more snow than I had seen in years,the weather turned cold and we had snow for Christmas.
Are we in for a repeat ?????? Only time will tell.

God has everything under control and He will give us what we need no matter what the weather .
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

We are enjoying a "heat wave" also...but bitter cold temps will arrive tomorrow night and possibility of snow.
I enjoyed the post!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Us too---a heat wave that is.. We filled all of the bird feeders today--before the rains/snow/wind, etc. hit tonight. Our forecasters are uncertain also about our crazy weather.. BUT --they are saying a low of about 7 degrees one night with a high of about 18....

We did not get the Dec. 18 snow that you all got last year... SO--wonder if we'll get missed this year also... I don't remember ever seeing a white Christmas since we have lived here.

Love the wedding picture of your family when your son got married. How is his leg/ankle/foot now??? Is he back at work yet?

Your grandson looked like he had a great time at the church playground.

Have a great weekend.