Sunday, December 5, 2010


Church was special this morning,instead of a sermon we had the children's Christmas play.
The play was called Angel Allert and they did a wonderful job of telling about the birth of Jesus.I was there Friday while they were building this elaborate stage setting and it turned out beautiful.Pint sized Mary and Joseph .
G-son always gets to come into big church and watch this play,here he is asking his Pawpaw a question.

After church we had everyone here for lunch of b-b-que,homemade by hubbie from a boston butt.
The wind is blowing snow flurries around all day with temperatures in the high 20's.
My goal of finishing my outside lighting came up short in this extreme cold. I got my icicle lights up and called it a day after the wind about blew hubbie off the ladder.
Hubbie and #1 son went to a Deacon's meeting at 4:30 so g-son and I stayed inside where it was warm.
D-in-love picked him up and I did evening chores and got ready to go back to church tonight.
We are on the 5th chapter of the Christian Atheist book,tonight was a good lesson about if you think God is fair. When bad things happen to good people we always wonder how that is fair. But really God is more than fair,because as for me if God gave me what I deserve,well let's just say you probably wouldn't be reading this !

The snow is still coming down tonight,daughter called from Asheville earlier and said there is a lot of snow on the ground over there.
Hubbie and I had to run out for an errand and the snow was starting to get heavy enough to blow around on the roads as we came home.
At 11:00 tonight the temperature is 26 and I still hear the wind howling out there.

With Christmas in December I was able to find some Pictures from 1960 to get the December decade pictures started.Here I am posing under the tree,looks like the presents have already been opened so this must be Christmas day.My first piano.Me with dad,mom and little brother.

Praying for all the people that have to be outside tonight,may they find a place to keep warm and for all the early commuters in the morning,may they be safe on the slick ,snow covered roads.
Very thankful for a warm home tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's very cold here also---and we have had snow all day long. Pretty to look at --but not much accumulation (only a dusting). BUT--it's REALLY COLD.... Brrrrrr...

Love your 1960's pictures!!!! AND --I'll bet your Christmas program was good at church today.. Love that picture of your grandson... He's growing up too fast.

Have a good day tomorrow --and stay WARM.