Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Feels better this morning outside,still cold 28 but no wind and the sun is shining brightly.
When I let the chickens out you could almost see them sigh a thankful sigh that they weren't being blown around the pen or snowed on,although they are still walking in snow up to their ying yangs !!!
After chores and breakfast I called the market manager to see if market was going to open tomorrow,she said it was.
Daughter went along on my cake delivery with me and we stopped and bought some supplies to bake a few things. This time of year it gets so hard to figure out what to bake. Most of our business buyers are closed or slowed way down and don't need much.
G-son and #1 son were here when we got home and #1 son was helping Hubbie on his new work shop while g-son stayed with daughter and I inside.We are training him to be the next baker.His favorite part is cracking the eggs.Man, this is gonna be soooooooo good !!!!!!!
After the baking was done he and I sat out in the sunroom and turned on the fireplace heater so he could watch the flames.
#2 son had come up and was helping finish the floor of the shop. They worked until after 7 tonight.
We had 39 degree temperatures this afternoon with sunshine ,a lot of the snow melted and it was getting very slick this evening after the temperature dropped below freezing.
After doing paperwork I baked more cakes tonight, 2 granny pound, and 2 blackberry wine cakes. Daughter is trying some chocolate wine cakes. I sampled them when we wrapped them and boy are they good but the wine is so expensive there isn't much profit in them.

With all the business of this month I've gotten behind on my decade pictures,I almost forgot the 2000 December memories.Our tree in 2000, this is the only year I can remember not putting the tree in front of the window,and can't remember why we didn't.#2 son with his cousin's ( my brother's boys).#1 son seems happy about his gifts that year.Daughter with her cousin's ( my brother's daughters).

While posting these pics I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures this year.

I've started sneezing my head off today,I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. I've already took one Air Borne and am getting ready to take another one before I get in bed.

Tomorrow will be the last Thursday market day until April and I can't say I sad to get a break .
I'm looking forward to doing some serious house cleaning and working on some projects I've been putting off since last spring.
Praying tonight for a close neighbor who lost his wife on Christmas morning and her funeral is tomorrow, he isn't in the best of health himself and I pray for God's grace to help him get through the days ahead.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I'll pray for your neighbor. It's terrible to experience death on or around Christmas. How Sad.

Glad your temperatures have moderated. Ours have too. We were above freezing today --and even though it was in the 30's and cloudy, it felt warmer. It is much better than those horribly frigid temperatures last week. We may get some rain now...

Looks like you have a 'Master Baker' in your midst... If he can crack the eggs, he'll learn to do much more to help!!!!

Great pictures from 2000..


Country Mouse Studio said...

I imagine you will enjoy the break, you're so busy. What a wonderful close family you have. It's a pleasure to read about it.
Very sad,so many lose a loved one at Christmas