Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 RECAP


As another year comes to end again I have no idea where the seconds,minutes,hours,days,
weeks,and months went ! How could a year have possibly passed already ?????
But alas it has but I need a recap so I can remember 2010.

And what a way to start the year out, the coldest weather we have had in years started this month out.The local car wash was out of business for the entire month almost.

I finished decorating and furnishing my new sunroom.
January is spring cleaning month for me ,I do the deep cleaning as I remove the holiday decorations.

The 12th of the month brought a devastating earthquake to the impoverished nation of Haiti,killing 140,000 people and many more would perish from disease and sickness afterwards.

The 16th brought to end the life of my cousin and my high school basketball coach.

24th brought major flooding,the worst in years,trapping motorist and tearing down our fences.

Ending the month was a major 11" plus snowstorm on the 29th.

Month started out with snow still hanging around and cold temperatures.

5th brought an ice storm, luckily we didn't loose our electric like so many did.

7th Father-in-law was admitted to the hospital after having stroke. Doctors discovered blocked,ulcerated arteries.

12th brought another snow storm and another 6".

14th Father-in-law was moved to Hospice with probably weeks to live.

February is tax month for me and my mind stays jumbled most of the month with figures.

18th Father-in-law died ,surprisingly quicker than anyone expected.
Spent later month days cleaning out his old house of 50+ years accumulation and cleaning smoke stains off walls ,ceilings and floors.
27th brought the 2nd earthquake of the year,this time in Chili, killing more than 700 people.

2 birthdays this month makes this month hold a special place in my heart. #2 son was born on the 1st and daughter was born on the 26th.

Snow starts this month off also,when 7" fell on the 2nd day.

On the 6th day the Govenor made a surprise visit to the Curb market and bought a childs apron from me.

On the 11th I purchased a new Canon camera so my photo quality will improve.
We finally got a break in the weather so we could landscape the back yard.
My goal for this month was to clean and organize my sewing shop and this was accomplished in the last 2 weeks of the month. It makes working out there a lot easier and much easier to find things.
Wouldn't you know winter is refusing to lose it's grip and we had another snow on the 22nd. This one wasn't around long so maybe spring is going to win out after all finally.

This month contains 1 special birthday as daughter-in-laws gets a year older on the 24th.
Flowers are blooming this month and the colors are so vivid probably from all the nitrogen the snow put in the ground.
Snow is a distant memory now as on the 2nd day of April it was 84 degrees.
Easter was a hot day to hunt eggs on as it came on the 4th.
This month we made our bi-annual trip to the Pickens flea market ,we planted potatoes,cabbage, broccoli and greens. We had a freeze on the 9th but not a killing one.
Bought a new dishwasher this month.

For our anniversary gift the kids took Hubbie and I to Greenville,SC to an Alan Jackson / Josh Turner concert.We had a very enjoyable day.

This month brought another devastating earthquake,this time in China, killing 600 people.
On the 20th a BP oil rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico creating an oil spill that would last for months and was the worst in the history of oil drilling.

The death of an old friend brought this month as on the 2nd day our old dog Willie died.

On the 3rd there was terrible floods in Nashville, Tenn. devastating the city and flooding the Grand Ole Opry House.

Our garden early vegetables are coming up and we planted the remainder of our garden the 2nd week of this month.

I had my yearly physical and passed with flying colors.

Also started a new blog about my early beginnings.

A terrible lightening storm knocked the lights our at church again, damaging the electric system.

Dolly ate a piece of cube steak and almost died .

Went to the yearly Garden Jubilee downtown Hendersonville on the 29th.

Grandson was dedicated at church this month.

In the first week of this month I attended my yearly Avon awards luncheon,didn't get any awards but won a door prize and had a nice lunch.
That same week on Saturday we had our spring Old Timey day at Curb Market.

A new addition to our family came with the marriage of my nephew A to his beautiful bride B ,they were actually married in Jamaica but celebrated back at home.

We hauled all our calves to market at the beginning of this month as cattle prices rose to a new high and we were afraid the price would drop,however it didn't and we should have waited because it actually went up.

On the 10th of this month an injury to #1 son would throw all our lives into an unbelievable turn of events that is still mind boggling to think about.
As #1 son jumped on their newly set-up trampoline holding g-son in his arms his left leg folded forward,as he tossed g-son and grabbed his leg in unbearable pain. D-in-love called us and a month long saga started. In the emergency room they told us his leg was broken and he would have surgery the next morning. This is the after surgery x-ray off all the metal that is now in his knee.
After the surgery and the swelling in his lower leg getting worse they did double fasciotomies, which are long cuts to release the pressure on the nerves and muscles. Then they discovered he had major artery damage behind the knee. After spending the entire month of June in Park Ridge Hospital with all the family switching out time staying with him,mostly to keep his spirits up we were all worn to a frazzle. On the 26th he started spiking a very high fever and after various attempts by the staff there to determine the cause of the fever failed he was transfered to Mission Hospital in Asheville,NC on June 30th. Within 3 hours they had the fever issue resolved and were prepping him for artery surgery to save his leg.

Son's surgery went well and he is on the way to recovery,we are all sick that we didn't start out at this hospital.

D-in-law gives me her 3 hens as I had been wanting to get some chickens of my own.
The heat continues this month as the temperatures hover in the high 90's most days.

On July 2nd #2 son and daughter drove to Madison county and he buys a basset hound puppy and names it Flash.He's been looking for one for a long time and this one just happened to come out in the Iwanna paper this week.

On the 8th of July #1 son finally is discharged from the hospital and is in a lot of pain but at least he's home.

My purchases this month included a new clothes washer and this beautiful Blue Orphington Rooster along with a blue and a black Orphington pullet. Of which the blue pullet turned out to be another rooster.

Even with little attention my garden is coming along nicely and this month I have canned green beans, froze blackberries, made peach jam and creamed corn given to us by a friend.
This month comes to an end with me getting a year older.

Started this busy month off with a week of teaching Bible School in G-son's class. This is one of his most favorite times of the year.

I made blueberry jam and more blackberry jam this month.

This is one of my busiest months at market so I did alot of baking and standing on my feet which sent me to the knee doctor to have my knee checked out after it swelled up with no apparent reason.
Thankfully he said it was just irritated Arthritis.

Ours and #1 son's lives are starting to settle down into a new normalcy cycle. G-son is spending more time with his dad and loving it.
On the 12th of this month we sat outside in the dark watching the perseid meteor shower.
I made salsa this month along with peach freezer jam.
I bought a new refrigerator.
This is the month I started the decade pictures on my blog in order to create memories and to preserve more old photos on this blog.

This month always starts off with the Apple Festival.Daughter and I went up on the street on Saturday evening ,but the crowds and the heat made our festival trip short.
We had a large triple oak tree cut down the first of this month,we had to have it done with a crane.
I canned tomatoes and made pear butter this month.
2 strong hurricanes brushed the coast of NC and SC early this month with minimal damage.

Our postponed vacation time finally rolled around on the 12th of this month and we spent a week in Cherry Grove ,SC. G-son loved the beach this year more than ever.

On June 22nd we had a rare super harvest moon.

The month ended with the Curb Market's fall Old Timey Days celebration.


Another new addition to our family as my niece had baby Maddox on October 11th.

My oven went on the blink and I had to buy another one but luckily I found a sale, I also bought a fireplace heater to put in the sunroom,for heat and to watch at night while relaxing out there.

Made our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch. #1 son still has a wound vac on his leg.

We dug our potatoes this month when we found a dry time.

The first freeze came on the 21st of the month this year.

#1 son turned 29 and g-son turned 4 on the 16th.

I acquired a flock of Silkie chickens from a neighbor that didn't want to keep them through the winter. That meant building more chicken houses and lots.
I went to 2 local festivals 1 called the Bizarre Bazaar and Hubbie and I went to the Fall Harvest Days festival.
There was a terrible accident on I-26 that took the lives of 4 young people,1 of which went to school with my kids.

At church we had our first trunk or treat and Hubbie and I went as Sarah and Abraham and we gave out tons of candy and will need to buy more next year.

This month started out with outside work on the days between the rain,we cleared out a large place for a new chicken lot and built a new house for the silkies.
We voted in the election and spent many hours raking leaves.
We made our 2nd bi-annual flea market trip
I purchased an Eden pure heater to keep the sunroom warm so we wouldn't have to move all the plants back inside the house.
We tore down an old shed to begin plans for a renovation project that will have to be done in several steps.
On the 21st we had a Blue Moon.
I had a very busy Thanksgiving at market this year.

#1 son shot the biggest deer he had ever shot and is having it mounted. We thanked God for this bright spot in his life right now.

Christmas open house at market was fun for g-son,he loved riding the horse drawn trailor and kept daughter out in the cold all day as they rode 4 times.

The month ended with a huge flood on the 30th that washed down fences again.

A cold cold month with temperatures averaging 20 degrees below normal for most of the month.
Hubbie and I enjoyed the Deacon's supper at the beginning of the month to kick off the holiday activities.

Snow came on the 12th with 5" and again on the 25th for a record breaking 9" white Christmas snow.

A magical month made even more magical with snow on the decorations.

We celebrated at church with a children's play and a choir Christmas program.

We celebrated at home with family at 2 different gatherings.

This little boy sure helps put a magical spin on any Christmas.

A wind storm came on the night of the 26th and blew trees down but thankfully none hit anything and we didn't loose our power.We woke to blizzard condition like we haven't seen since the blizzard of 1993.

Hubbie and both son's have been working on enlarging a workshop over the past couple days.
The temperature got above freezing yesterday for the first time since it snowed.

Whew!!!! what a year I've had.
Today we ended the year with a nice relaxing afternoon after a morning of cleaning out the ditches on the driveway. The snow has finally melted enough to see where Hubbie scraped the drainage ditches full and it is suppose to rain tomorrow.
As all 3 of the family men worked on finishing enlarging the workshop g-son watched old cartoons on the computer all afternoon while I did various cleaning inside. I think he likes the old ones better than the new ones on TV.

God's own fireworks bring this month and year to an end in only a way that He could. His fireworks outshine any that will be set off from earth tonight that is for sure.

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, What a great recap of the year 2010 for you... I love it that you are using your blog as a 'journal' ---and hopefully, your future relatives will enjoy reading about what happened in your life (and your family's lives) in 2010...

I enjoyed reading it all....

HAPPY 2011 to YOU.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I agree with Betsy ... great journal to share with your family.
God bless you in 2011 my friend.

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Howdy friend!!! I'm glad you did the update post....I'm behind and this really helped me catch up. Is ds#1 back to work and still healing well? Every time I see a trampoline I think of him. I had a friend who worked for home healthcare and she said I would be blown away by the number of patients they have from trampoline accidents.....OUCH!!! I hope this year is blessed beyond measure for you and your family!!! ~Traci

Anonymous said...

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Sherman Mohr said...

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