Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well 2011 sure is starting out dreary this morning. I am preparing our traditional New Years day meal of pork shoulder,collard greens and blackeyed peas, hoping for health,luck and wealth in the coming year.

Yesterday the boys helped Hubbie finish siding the new workshop ,doubling the size of the old one.
It's clear what's old and what's new in this photo.
All that's left to do is a little trim and it needs to be re- roofed but today should tell if there are any leaks in the old roof. Hubbie is ready to move in where there is lights,as he doesn't have any electricity in his old shop.
Another building project of the last week is this new chicken house which now houses my teenage Silkies,they need a few more weeks of added attention before they are turned out with the adults and this house is perfect for that. This was an old abandoned cabinet that was being thrown out and Hubbie transformed it, the shelves below hopefully will become laying nest in the spring.
Today has been a rainy ,dreary day with temps in the upper 40's.
Daughter and #2 son came to lunch and then son and Hubbie swapped haircutting duty.
I started my picture organization project this evening. The first step is to get all the pictures in the correct decade box, all the 70's, 80's,90's and 00's. I got farther than I thought I would tonight. There weren't many that I couldn't figure out at least what decade they were in.
It is still raining tonight and it is 52 degrees at 11:00,wow I think that's the warmest temperature in about a month.
Tomorrow should be a back to normal Sunday that starts off at least several days of normalcy before the prediction of our next snow next Friday.
I didn't make any resolutions this year officially but I am determined to loose some weight. I have 3 different doctors and they have all said that a weight lose would do wonders for any problems I am having, so that should be incentive enough ,right !!!
I lost 10 pounds last June when son got hurt and I have managed to keep that off entirely but haven't lost another pound since.
Grateful for the Blessings of this past year and looking forward to a God filled 2011.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Happy New Year.... We had your rain all night last night and most of the morning. Think we had about 2-3 inches --and it was very windy. It was in the 50's --but the cold front has come through and we are not in the 30's. Going down into the 20's tonight they say....

Sounds like the new 'shop' will be great for your hubby. And those little silkies have a very nice home, don't they????

Have a good day tomorrow....

Gail said...

A wired place to work is a pleasure! You may never see him, now he has a club house, kidding.

May your new year be better than the last and your life filled with blessings.