Monday, January 24, 2011


This morning I am thankful for normal !! No headache, stomach ache ,just the normal knee pain !
No overnight snow for us but the counties all around were hit again and some school delays and closings were necessary again.
After chores Hubbie and I headed to run some errands,to get stocked up on animal feed and groceries in case the snow comes later this week as promised.
We got home at lunch time and had picked up a rotisserie chicken for supper and some extra B B Q pieces for lunch.
After lunch it was so pretty outside and the temperature was 47 degrees I decided to clean out all my chicken houses and reline them with pine needles. Hubbie worked on the new shop.These were the babies I got back in October from our neighbor who didn't want to feed them any more. They have grown into beautiful Silkie's, I have these 3 pairs that I am going to advertise on craigslist to sell.
I would keep all the hens but definitely don't need more roosters. I am keeping 3 hens out of the total of 9 chicks that he gave me.
I have already put those 3 out in the big lot with the older silkie's and they seem to be doing fine.
I sat down out in the fire pit patio and soaked in some of that wonderfully warm sunshine today.Finally clear of snow and mud with only shadows from the bright sunshine my yard hasn't looked this good in quite a while,although if you look closely you can still see a couple snow piles left.
After I helped Hubbie get a large file cabinet from old shop to new shop we both decided it was coffee break time.
We relaxed to watch the early news on TV and #1 son and g-son came by for a visit.
After chores Hubbie and I sat down to enjoy our rotisserie chicken with a big pot of kale we had bought this morning when we found our chicken wasn't done,in fact it was bloody.
Luckily we don't live far from the Ingles where we bought it and Hubbie took it back and exchanged it for one that was done so we still got to enjoy our supper even a few minutes late.
The weather wizards still have no idea what this next storm is going to bring but they all do agree that the temperature during the day tomorrow is going to be warm enough to not have any snow. They are saying rain will start later in the day and then turn to snow at night.Hopefully we don't get an ice storm out of this !!
Last night was our agreed upon time to cut and groom Bernie and Dolly but with my headache that got postponed until tonight.I've been putting the haircuts off because of the cold but their hair has gotten way to long.
After all they love to wear sweaters.Dolly looks alot skinnier without all that hair,Bernie is snow white with shorter hair.
It was a good thing we started at 7:30 because it took almost 2 hours because their hair had gotten so long.
I still don't understand when I do take them to the groomer that they keep them all day!
Hubbie and I are definitely not professional dog groomers and don't have any professional clipping supplies ,but with an old set of clippers and scissors we can cut and bathe both of them in less than an hour each.
Thanking the Lord tonight for a blessed day of warming sunshine to shake off the winter blues at least for a short time.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

I love your Chickens and your Dear Furbabies.:)

Gail said...

At least your snow is melting.

Great job on the grooming.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you are feeling better, Marilyn. We are supposed to get snow late tonight and tomorrow --but I just have the feeling that we won't get much.... The forecasters don't know!!!! ha

Your puppies are precious....

Have a good day tomorrow.