Monday, January 31, 2011


Cloud filled skies welcomed me this morning and put my project purpose for today in question.
After chores and breakfast I tuned the weather channel in and decided to tackle my garden shed after all as the rain looked like it would pass to the south of us.
As I opened the door and looked in I wasn't so sure anymore because there was a lot of stuff that was going to have to come outside to even get started on this mess.
How in the world do these piles happen,I know it hasn't been to long ago that I cleaned in here !!! Hint ,Hint, Hubbie works in the garden a lot and also doesn't tend to put things back exactly where he gets them !!! Any way I guess the trade off for his work is worth a little clean up.
After a couple hours of work and watching the clouds gather in the sky I decided not to stop for lunch.
At almost 2:00 I had a huge pile of trash and had everything back inside and organized.The purpose of doing this to start with was to find a spot for my canning jars that are currently in Hubbie's old shop which is eventually going to be torn down.This is the future home of all my canning jars.
Hubbie had been doing mechanic work all morning, first changing the rear brakes on daughters jeep, in the process finding a large screw in one of her tires, had to take it to the tire place to get it fixed, then rotating tires on his Honda, he ate lunch on time and then offered to help me go ahead and move my jars.
So I actually got my day's project finished plus moved all my jars and they all fit with space to spare.I love it when a plan comes together !
#2 son came home and they worked the rest of the day on moving some trees that had fallen so the tree cutter can get in Saturday to take some more trees in his yard down that will hit his house if they fall.
The temperature which has been around 50 today feels like it is dropping quickly now so I came inside and rested for a while before chores,the temp now is 40.
D-in-love is taking her turn with the stomach virus that g-son has had last night and today. #1 son is praying he doesn't get it because he is scheduled for surgery Thursday.
This month is ending the same way it came in dreary,wet and cold.
Let's take a look back at January 2011.
First week was wet and dreary and with a major snow storm predicted for the first of next week we spent time preparing.Keeping the animal feed stocked up is a major concern when bad weather is coming.An snow it did,dropping almost 10 inches before it stopped and then the temperatures plunged so it stayed.G-son played in his igloo for 2 weeks before it melted enough for him to finish tearing it down.School was closed for a full week,giving Aunt T plenty of snow play time.
Just how cold has it been so far this month???This is ice on rocks on the side of 64 highway west of here !!!A cold rain followed a week of melting snow so there was mud,mud,mud everywhere. Our driveway is the worst it's been in years but there is no use hauling gravel in now with more snow predicted.The on and off inclimate weather made for some beautiful sunsets this month.Finally the last week end of the month awarded us with the nicest weather we have had since November and 60 degree temperature for 2 days before the last day turned back cold and dreary .
As for me I have spent it seems a lot of time at doctors and dentist this month as I had a new upper denture made and am waiting for a new lower partial. I've for the time being avoided a major Hysterectomy.
My house winter/spring cleaning goals have came up short this month so I will have to push some of it into tax month.
Our outside project is coming along slowly due to the nasty weather with Hubbie finishing his new shop and in the process of moving all his tools and treasures into it.
February goals will be listed tomorrow.
As I listen to the news tonight seems we are going to be the lucky ones this time as a historically major snow and ice storm rages across the country poised to come into Tennessee then left north,whew !!!
Snow is being predicted in feet instead of inches for Wednesday and Thursday.
Prayers go up for the folks in the path of this storm.
Thankful to the Lord for giving me strength and health.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Both you and I will be lucky this time. We are not supposed to get any of that bad weather. We may get some rain and wind, but that is all. I hope the ice storm doesn't happen north of us.. That is so dangerous.

Yes---January did bring us some crazy weather, didn't it???? This week has been a Spring Tease for us. Even the Chipmunks woke up from the winter's nap and came out to play.... Geee!!!!!!

Glad you got your Garden shed cleaned out.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Jean said...

January 29th was my B'day and it was 70 degrees!!! Couldn't ask for a better gift from Heaven!
Blessings and Hugs to you and yours!!! your usual.

Nezzy said...

Oh the piles!!! 'Round here I am the neat freak and Hubby is the 'slob' do the math on how the heck the piles happen! Heeehehehe!!!

Yep, we're diggin' out here on the Ponderosa and it's soundin' like as soon as we do we're gonna get hit again. Geese Louise...46 days 'till spring cannot come soon enough for me!

God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!