Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What a beautiful day here today. After morning chores I got my walking tape started and then looked outside at the warm sunshine and decided to do my walking outside today.
Our still frozen farm pond, notice that snow hanging around waiting on another one !!
Another pond pic on a beautiful morning, even with temperatures in the mid 40's over the last few days the pond is still completely frozen.
I love to watch the sun light reflect off the running water in the creek.
Checking out my "drought rock " a large flat rock in the creek that is usually covered with water except when conditions dry up,I have seen the rock several inches above water.
I'm not sure what these blue berries are but I know they must be a tasty treat for birds. This little Song Sparrow was joined by many friends as they had breakfast in these bushes.
Above my head I heard tapping and tapping,when I looked up I saw these holes.I saw these holes in a large tree trunk but could never get a glimpse of the wood carver.
After a 2 mile walk I came back to the house refreshed with the cool air and sunshine and ready to tackle my un-decorating duties and laundry.
I finished all the outside decorations except for the ones that have to go in last. I still like a few things inside but I'm packing things away differently this year and labeling the bins as to what is in them. I'm also taping the lids on the bins so I don't have any more big black ant surprises next year!!
I finished the laundry but didn't do any housecleaning today but I'm sure that will be waiting when I get around to it !
When Hubbie came home we put away all the filled bins and did all the evening chores. The first day in a long time I'm out just in my sweatshirt with no coat. Temperature got to 48 today and it truly felt like a heat wave.
Then we came in and heard the weather man saying snow for tomorrow, where did this come from ???? They didn't say anything like that at noon today !!!
Uh-Oh, looks like snow clouds to me !!!Better batten down the hatches and get an extra load of wood for the fire.

Had a lazy evening ,should have worked some more on my picture organization but didn't, oh well that's another thing that'll wait.
Thankful for a gorgeous day before old man winter rages in again.
God is good !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Beautiful! To have one day to walk is a blessing. Looks like you may not have a chance for a while.

Stay warm.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Guess what is coming to you???? SNOW.... We have 1/2 inch on the ground--but nothing on the roads. I'm glad about that because we are going to be on the road tomorrow. BUT--they say we could have some small snows off and on all weekend...

Glad you were able to take a walk today... You got some great photos.

Have fun in your SNOW... ha ha