Monday, January 3, 2011


Morning started out at 22 degrees as I broke ice for the chicken's water.
After talking to the dentist office which apparently forgot to call me to have me come back in before Christmas and then mistakenly sent a bill, I have an appointment at 4:30 today.
Hubbie left to get his truck inspected and haul a load of trash to the dumpster and since he is going very near the bank I sent my banking business with him. We are buying #1 son a 2003 Ford Escape from his Father-in-law's business and the money had to be transfered.
He has been looking for a vehicle since last fall and didn't find one, he needs 4-wheel drive because of his steep drive way and since the snow they have become very scarce or very expensive so I'm glad this worked out. He would rather have had a truck but this is a deal he can't pass up and g-son will be safer riding in this.I have worked all day on taking down my Christmas decorations,g-son came by for a while this afternoon and helped. All the empty bins are in the back of the van and when I get them filled Hubbie carries them to the storage shed. I got the living room almost done and tonight I am washing all the Christmas covers and throws. I also took down some of the outside decorations,I'll have to get the rest of them down tomorrow because I don't want it to snow on them and get them all wet again.
I left at 4 to get to the dentist appointment and left there at 5:30. It takes about 25 minutes to drive there and after I waited for an hour sitting in the exam room it only took 10 minutes to do what I needed done,grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
I made it home barely before dark to get the chickens shut up and empty their water so it wouldn't freeze as it is supposed to be in the low 20's again tonight.
Listening to the news tonight made my skin crawl, have you seen this ???
What do you think???

I think this is another Y2K scare.
I have read the Bible and no where in it did I see any verse that even hinted at when the 2nd coming of Jesus would be. Only God knows that and God's time does not run with earthly calendars or clocks.
Another thing that bothers me lately is the advertisement that the Catholic Church has on TV. Some how advertising for members on TV just doesn't seem right,but that's just me.
And now on a different subject or is it a different subject ????
How sad is it that over 5000 Red-Winged Blackbirds fell from the sky in Arkansas on New Years eve and another 500 of the same bird type fell from the sky in Louisiana today !!These are gorgeous birds, I saw one at my feeders during the snow last week.
I love to hear them call to one another in the spring of the year when they are really many of them around here.
I hope the scientist can figure out what happened ,all they know now is they died from blunt force trauma to their breast area causing blood clots. That's the ones in Arkansas anyway.
Tonight I sorted pictures again and got through another box with only a few I couldn't figure out the dates on. There does seem to be very few pictures from January in the early years, maybe everyone was tired of snapping pictures after Christmas.
I need a calm uneventful day to settle my nerves,hopefully tomorrow will be one of those days where I can just work and concentrate of my un-decorating and house cleaning and laundry chores without any nerve jangling interruptions.
As I sat in the dentist office this evening stewing over having to wait for so long when I shouldn't even had to have been there this late, the thought occurred to me that where else did I have to be and why should I worry about how long I was there. I wish I was one of those people who just took adversity in stride and danced through life carefreely.
But that's just not how I'm made, I have a very low tolerance for inefficiency and b-sh**.
I am a pessimist and always look for the disadvantages in things and what could go wrong. However I have avoided many difficult situations for my family by being this way. I have gotten better with age and as my faith in the Lord has grown and strengthened but I'm still not where I would like to be. I want to find that happy medium in between pessimism and optimism that takes away the unwarranted worry but that still keeps you making responsible decisions. How do I get there??? Only with God's help I'm sure.
Loving the Lord tonight and so grateful for His graciousness and the strength He gives me everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

Hooah! Much to comment on one post.
I am very concerned about the birds and fish fatalities in AR. This is very strange.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I have read about the bird and fish deaths in both Arkansas and Louisiana... That is just so sad. BUT--I don't think it's going to be the 'end of times'... Of course, I'm an optimistic person ---and when the end of times do come, I'll be READY. Life with God has to be much better than what we have here. Don't get me wrong though... I don't want to die, but when I do, I know that something wonderful is waiting for me.

We've got some sleet and snow in the forecast tomorrow... They say it's a fast-moving system and it all depends upon what the temperature is when it comes through here. Fun Fun!!!!

We are going out tomorrow (I hope) to run errands and go to the grocery store. Then on Thursday, we're going to Tullahoma to pick up George's parents and take them home to Tullahoma. SO--I hope we don't have bad weather then.