Sunday, January 16, 2011


Still a lot of snow around and on top of our church this morning. Love that sun spot or is that an angel watching over our service today ???
Nice sermon today and the church was pretty full, I think everyone was ready to get out.
It is already 39 degrees this morning as I drive to church so we're going to have a lot of mud to deal with.
Daughter and #2 son had lunch with us and then Hubbie and I headed over to Rug and Home to look for new rugs for the sunroom. I found exactly what I wanted and will post pictures tomorrow. I couldn't believe how they match the furniture I have in there.
The van thermometer said 50 on the way back home at about 3:30 this afternoon,it's been many days since we've been this warm.
#1 son and family came over this evening and visited awhile.
We've decided to combine our cell phone accounts to save money,which we should have thought of earlier !
Just relaxed tonight,thankful for an uneventful Sunday evening.

I've looked for January pictures to use in my decade picture post and did not find any in 1961or 1971 but came up with a couple things apparently worth a picture in 1981.
We are and always have been Carolina basketball fans and on January 28,1981 they played at Clemson which is less than an hours drive from here and we went to the game with another couple of our friends. In this pic Dean Smith has a discussion with the ref and Clemson coach.Carolina won the game 61-47. Don't ya just love those short pants and knee socks????

There was snow that year in January.Here is Hubbie with our then 4-legged kid Jacque.
The trees he is standing beside are this same row of trees from which the one fell last month and almost hit #2 son's house.They've grown a lot in 30 years !!!Talked to our associate pastor this morning about topping the remaining ones because they will do damage if they blow over.

Thankful to God tonight to have the wonderful life He has given me.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad your weather has improved. Ours has also --and most of the snow has melted... Shady spots are still covered with snow (like our deck) --but even they are beginning to melt. We are supposed to get some rain... Hopefully, that will melt the rest of the snow.

Glad you had a good Sunday... Great pictures... I remember when UNC under Dean Smith was Number one --for years and years it seemed....

Have a great day.

Country Mouse Studio said...

restful days are so necessary and I think it's an angel :O)